59626 km

And here are the travel statistics for Round Two of my trip. In total, I made another 59626 km.

Here’s the breakdown, I traveled:

  • 56124 km in the air or
  • 68 hours 38 minutes
  • 2945 km by car and bus
  • 417 km by train
  • 140 km by ferry
  • taking 19 flights
  • on 12 Airbus, 6 Boeing and 1 De Havilland
  • leaving 16,04 tons of Co2 in the atmosphere
  • visited 11 countries
  • and stayed overnight in 27 different places (friends places, a tent in the desert, airbnb’s, hotels….)

My favorite plane would be the Airbus 320. The airlines i flew most with, are, in fact, three: Turkish Airlines, United and Air India all had four flights.

I also started calculating my Co2 emissions for the flights. There are a number of different calculators out there on the net, and they produce a wide range of different results.

I used Atmosfair to calculate it, as they do not only take into account the exact plane model, travel class, winglets or other features, but also factor in the effect of emissions in high altitudes and the effect of the contrails.

In total, on this trip I have blown 16,04 tons of Co2 into the air. Ouch.

In comparison: the average per capita Co2 emissions of a German were 9,4 tons in 2013.

I thought about offsetting it, but simply cannot afford it as of now. But I’ll look into it once I have a regular salary again.

In comparison, here are the stats of the first round from October ’13 to April ’14.