75825 kilometers

As I really like statistics and numbers, like the longest flight, the plane models etc, I kept track of all that data on my travels.

After the first trip around the globe, here are the statistics:

In total I travelled 75825 kilometers, which is roughly 1.9 times the circumference of the Earth.

This figure includes the flights, the rental cars, busses, trains and other overland travel as well as the ferries.

It does not include all the intra-city distances, metro etc… or how much I walked.

Damn, I wish I had tracked that!!

Here are the most interesting figures:

  • visited and transited through 12 countries
  • stayed overnight in 31 different places (airbnb and hotels combined)
  • took 19 individual flights
  • flew a total of 43224 Miles or 69673 kilometers
  • spent 82h10m in the air
  • took 10 Boeings and 9 Airbuses (pretty balanced)
  • blew up 22 tons of CO2 on these flights, according to Atmosfair
  • drove 3692 kilometers in total, including the bus trips and lifts I got
  • rented three cars (Hertz comes in first as the one and only company), driving a total of 3452 kilometers in 14 days (roughly 250 km a day)
  • went 2154 kilometers by train on 8 different trips, mostly in Japan
  • took three ferries, twice over the Rio de la Plata, once over Cook Strait, at a total of 417 kilometers

My favorite airline is Air New Zealand (5 flights) followed by Air Canada and Virgin Australia (three each).

My favorite plane is the A320 (all its different versions combined) with five flights, followed by the Boeing 737-800 with four, and the Boeing 777-300ER with three.

I also took the A330 and A340, and both of Boeing’s 767 and 747, which covers pretty much every major model in the air, except the new Dreamliner.

The longest flight distance was #10 from San Francisco to Auckland with 6584 miles and 11h30 in the air.

However, the longest flight time was the last one with 12h05 from Tokyo to Zurich, with 6233 miles.

Here’s me recovering from the jet lag.