Glenelg beach

The weather started to get better so I took a ride with Adelaide’s last remaining tram line, out to Glenelg, at the seaside. It’s only about a half-hour ride on the modern tram.  On Sundays and public holidays they get out the old rolling stock and you can enjoy the ride in the original vintage […] Read More


I arrived in Adelaide… in the early morning, in a grey, not too cold but rainy weather. My hotel was not too far from the train station, so I rolled over my one single suitcase in 20 minutes and checked into my room, that, luckily, at 8 am, was ready. I wasn’t too thrilled, the area […] Read More


I woke up in the early morning, and took a sneak peak out of the window… Grey cloudy skies… Not what I had expected in the desert… It had rained overnight! The landscape? Flat as a pan, red dirt, some low bush grass. Looked like planet Mars after some terraforming project… The Nullarbor Plain is […] Read More

The SuperPit

We rolled into Kalgoorlie at around 10.30 pm, in the pitch-black night. I had started to have some doubts about a potential gold mine visit – what was there to see in the night? They told us though that the mine was operated around the clock, so I hoped to get an idea of the […] Read More

Through the wilderness

Moving on again. Perth was much too short. And I spent too much time at the beach… I’m off for a two-day, 2659 km journey through Western and South Australia, to Adelaide. Leaving Perth on Sunday at noon, I’ll arrive two nights later around 7am in Adelaide. I’m curious. I should have a window seat, […] Read More