Meet the Man

Meet the man. The burning man. I only had seen him on the first night, but at that time the Souk had not been opened and we could not actually get up to the Man. Since then, I’d only seen him from far, the one central figure of Burning Man and the pays, the one […] Read More

Welcome home

The parallel reality of Burning Man is lowly sinking in, or opening the gates. I feel I’m arriving. Whatever you need in Black Rock City (BRC), they say ‘the playa will provide’. You’ll find a missing part to your art construction, water, drinks, music, a costume, a hug, an ear to listen to you, a […] Read More

Thunder and mud

I woke up with a bad hangover this morning. And mother nature was not in a good mood either. Thanks to my earplugs, I had slept through a massive thunderstorm going down over the playa. We had rain, hail, and a number of direct lightning strikes right on the playa. The energy in the center […] Read More

Mai Tais & Sarongs

The tree house was set up, now we were ready for our first party, and our first playa gift: Free Mai Tai drinks and Sarongs for the first 100 visitors. Welcome to the Tropical Treehouse! The first guests arrived at 8 o’clock sharp, probably as much in need for a drink as we were, after […] Read More

Tropical Treehouse

Already covered in dust, we arrived on the playa and hoped to find our camp site, to start setting our stuff up as quickly as possible. The location of our camp site wasn’t clear though, so we had to wait for the arrival of one of the camp organizers to identify our lot. We waited […] Read More

Off to Reno

Last night I dropped off my three boxes of stuff, the duffle bag of dust-proof zip-locked clothes and my bike at Tom & Tim’s home at Duboce Park. This morning I got up early and headed over, to help Tim with a few things, mostly getting the dry ice into the food container without freezing off our fingers. When […] Read More

Shopping for the desert

Burning Man is only a few days away and I am busy assembling my stuff. I’ll get my tent from Brandon, the bike from Dennis, I still need an air mattress (and pump) some airtight containers (against the dust) and a few smaller things. I’m testing the bike tires right now and will go on […] Read More

Operation Desert camp

Saturday evening I had a conference call over Skype with the guys from my camp at Burning Man. Over two hours they explained everything to me and a few other ‘virgins’ as they call the newbies… The guys are veterans, they have participated in Burning Man several times and know what do do, what to […] Read More