Cost of living in Mexico

From all I had heard, I knew Mexico would be one of the cheaper stops on this trip. The cost of living is, in comparison to Europe, much cheaper, and the exchange rate adds to that, too. Which immediately made me book a nicer place, as I felt I could afford it… and it was worth […] Read More


On the final night, despite still being a bit sick, I had to see my friends Jimena and Antonio one more time. Antonio proposed to go for a tea, at the Maison Française de Thé Caravanseraï. Caravansary? I’m in. After all, it’s the fitting theme for this year. How could I have missed out on this coincidence at […] Read More

Medical services

After a weekend in bed, I felt a little bit better this morning, due to all the ibuprofen I swallowed, no doubt. Still, I have never seen my tonsils in such a bad shape, so I went to the doctor, nonetheless. I was afraid they’d put me in a hospital right away for immediate surgery (a […] Read More

My tonsils and me

I would consider myself pretty healthy. Generally I seem to have only one week spot: my tonsils. They are generally huge, and now and then, a few times a year, they get inflamed. It’s usually the first sign of a cold, the swelling and the redness, and I know: I’ll be sick. I had thought […] Read More

Cabaret La Perla

Jimena took me to one of these pars that you will never find by yourself as a tourist… even if mentioned in a guide book, you’ll probably overlook it and not put it on your list. That’s why I love slow traveling and meeting the locals. They bring you to the spots! La Perla is […] Read More

Templo mayor

I have seen the ruins of the Templo Mayor, the main Aztec temple of Tenochtitlan, from the side of the Cathedral three weeks ago, but as it was late in the day, the museum was already closed. It didn’t look that big, so I thought I could make a quick visit, walk through the ruins and then […] Read More

Ballet folklorico de Mexico

Jimena’s sister-in-law is a professional dancer. For many years, she danced in the Ballet folklorico de Mexico, a famous dance troupe that re-enacts folkloristic dances and themes and brings them to the stage of the Bellas Artes Theatre. She has left the troupe now, but her connections still got us some great seats, at an amazing […] Read More

Lana del Rey

On one of my first nights I checked the concert calendar and realized that I just missed Cut Copy, by like an hour! So I immediately browsed Ticketmaster and found Lana del Rey. I had missed her in Paris last year, and I like her music… let’s see how Mexico City receives her. She seems […] Read More

Bellas Artes Mexico City

I have rarely seen a more elaborate, beautiful building than the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Construction started in 1904, but the revolution and the soft soil caused decades of delay. It was Mexican architect Federico Mariscal who finally completed the building in 1934. The exterior is Neoclassical and Art Nouveau, while the interior is amazing  Art Deco. Even […] Read More

Comida mexicana

It’s not as hard as I feared to be a vegetarian in Mexico. I have found enough to eat, and I can always get a vegetarian version of traditional Mexican food. I always mix up the names; with all the tortillas, tacos, empanadas, sopas, tostadas, flautas or sopes… To me it all seems to be a […] Read More

Record Vintage Cars

I wanted to go to the museum of photography today. But, as it happens sometimes, I only made it as far as two blocks. Then I ran into a vintage car. Nice, I thought. I had seen a couple of them around town already in the past weeks, so I didn’t give it much thought. Until, […] Read More

Lluvia mexicana

October is supposed to be a dry month in Mexico City. With the start of winter, the summer rains subside . This year though, it keeps raining. Several hurricanes have hit the Mexican coast, and while we don’t get them here in the capital, the remaining rain clouds cross the city and let it rain […] Read More