Montevideo Budget

I’m sick in bed with a sore throat, despite the heat outside. So I might as well work on a few things on my PC, as calculating my budget…. I liked the colorful Uruguayan money. Though it was difficult to grasp the value… dividing by 28 to arrive at a Euro value isn’t my strong point. […] Read More

Montevideo in the sun

This is the result from the afternoon walk through sunny Montevideo, pretty much the same places as yesterday, just with blue skies. The buildings in the centre are impressive, even in their run-down state. It wouldn’t need much to polish it up just a bit, without turning it into a fake Disneyland. However, it all […] Read More

Beautiful Pocitos

Finally, the rain stopped. I spent a beautiful day walking around Pocitos, on the beach and in town, and got seriously burned. I cancelled my plans to go on a day trip to Punta del Este, the beach resort that every Uruguayan goes to in the summer. It would have meant a 2 hour bus […] Read More

The heart of Montevideo

Today I met up with the two Canadians we had met in Temple bar the other night. They were here in Uruguay to get some US Dollars, to exchange them for Argentinean Pesos at the ‘blue’ (e.g. unofficial) rate of 1:10 instead of 1:6. This way you can shave off 40% of your costs… It’s […] Read More

Colorful Uru-grey

The forecast was right – it’s rainy in Uruguay. Right now it’s even pouring down. The city presents itself in a grey cover, and especially the beach view is depressing, low grey clouds over a brown muddy Río de la Plata. Montevideo however, tries to be colorful. I walked through the Pocitos neighborhood, down to […] Read More

Hoy me quiero

I might be a vagabond, but I like stability in my vagabond-ery. When I find a place I like, I keep coming back. That’s why I’ve been twice at this little gem of a restaurant, just down the next street: Hoy te quiero has breakfast, lots of sweet stuff, and also serves a changing menu […] Read More

Arriving in Montevideo

The trip crossing the Rio de la Plata was fast. That ‘Francisco’ speed boat (with the Pope hanging in the main hall…) just took over two hours to cross the nearly 200 km to Montevideo. Impressive. Miraculous even. We had to wear these ridiculous things over our shoes. The boat is new, the carpet thick, […] Read More

Off to Montevideo

Travelling day today. I’ll clean out my beloved SERENA apartment, pack and bring a  small suitcase with stuff to Javo who will keep it for a few days. Then I’ll head over to the Ferry Terminal for the two-hour Ferry trip across the Rio de la Plata to Montevideo. I’ll arrive there in the evening. […] Read More

Crossing the Rio de la Plata

Finally I made up my mind on what to do with those ten days that were still ‘open’ between the first four weeks in Buenos Aires and the flight on to Santiago. I was contemplating Patagonia, the glaciers in the far, far south, Mendoza and a wine tour, Salta close to the Bolivian border or […] Read More