I was back in Montreal. One of my favourite cities on my trip around the world. I went there to see the launch of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour, (reports and pictures on my new travel site It was really weird to travel again. And natural at the same time.  My first long-haul flight since […] Read More

Photo session

Selfies suck, generally. Except for the fun factor. But if you want really good pictures of yourself, you just need a real photographer. I met Jean-Luc in Montréal and we did a session at Josée’s place. It was fun, and he made me forget I was posing. Here are a few results. I hope I get […] Read More

Montréal pas cher

Here are the figures for my Montréal spending. In total, the city was way cheaper than expected, mostly due to low rental prices. An apartment in Montréal is not expensive. I think the price for my apartment was cheaper than my first small place in Brussels, rented 12 years ago. Just to put it in […] Read More

Fabulous Josée

I finally got to hang out with Josée, the girl who rented me her apartment and got me in touch with her friends Brandon and Joël, who then took care of me and made me meet their friends, like Greg and Jérôme… But Saturday we were supposed to go out dancing with Josée, who was […] Read More

TamTam (again)

TamTams du Mont Royal, again. This is the prefect hang out place in Montréal on a summer sunday, with chilled white wine. I could do this every weekend, and each time take so many pictures of all the people there, these special Montréal folks. Read More


I generally got through Quebec well with my French. Montréal is basically bilingual anyway, It felt like the mishmash we speak in the office. People speak mostly French to me, but switch over to English fast once they realize I can’t follow. Young people are easier, and have less of a Quebecois accent. There’s also lots […] Read More

MTL from above

After over three weeks, I finally made it to the place that gave Montréal its name: Mont Royal, the mountain and park in the middle of the city. It is more a forest than a park, and a real mountain, rising quite steep. Lazy me took a bus halfway up, and then walked over to […] Read More

Montréal-Lachine Bixi Ride

Finally a sunny day again. Joel and I were getting ready for a ride along the Lachine canal. I first wanted to rent a real bike, but with prices of 25$ a day, I opted for a Bixi bike instead, the rental bike system in Montreal. 15$ get you a 3-day-pass, with all rides under 30 […] Read More

Juste pour rire

And another festival has just started in Montreal. This time, its about laughter. Juste pour rire is an international comedy festival that brings brings together hundreds of acts in Montreal for a two-week run. I had a bit of a lazy and slow day, as I caught some stomach bug or had eaten something bad, […] Read More

On and on and on

Yesterday I saw the first rainy day in over two months if I remember correctly (not: it rained last week), since that rainy weekend in Istanbul. I had totally forgotten about that phenomenon, and especially that it makes me (want to) stay at home. In those moments, I miss my place a little. You get distracted […] Read More

Fireworks over Saint-Laurent

Another event, twice a week, over the Saint-Laurent river: The Montreal fireworks competition, L’International des Feux Loto-Québec. I finally made it to the river and watched it from the Village Éphémère again. Until the start of August, six teams from around the world compete for the Jupiter trophy with a 30-minute show. Founded in 1985, the Montreal Fireworks […] Read More

Village Éphémère

I went to Village Éphémère again, with Joel and his friend Max, and ran into a number of his friends there. It’s really a cool place, and this time I brought my camera, so here are some proper pics of this place. There’s always a DJ playing cool tunes, you can sit in the sand or in one […] Read More