Paris Air Show

I have a weird relationship with planes and flying in general. On the one hand I am fascinated by it. The technology, the sheer power behind a plane weighing a few hundred tons to lift off and carry me safely around the globe…. Then again I am afraid of it. Sitting in a plane, and […] Read More


In the nearly 12 years that I lived in Brussels, somehow I never got my sister Sabine to discover Antwerp. Even though it is possibly one of my favorite places in Belgium. So we were set for a day trip to the city which is only some 40 kilometers from Brussels, due north, just before […] Read More

City trips

I was mailing with my friend Paul, whom I met in Tokyo, about the inevitable frustrations of coming back, being enclosed in an office, being in the same spot…. He answered in his kind way and proposed I organise maybe a few side trips, to have something to look forward to. This opened a window […] Read More

Do it again?!

As this trip is coming to an end, I keep thinking of other projects. Maybe it’s something I need to focus on, to bridge the return to real life. Well, first there’s the Madonna Tour 2015, which will be announced on 2 March, and I am already freaking out…. If the dates fit well with potential […] Read More

The rainy city

Not talking about Brussels. I mean Chicago. The once Windy City presented itself today in one continuous downpour! I arrived in the early afternoon, took the metro and the bus towards Boystown, where I had my hotel. I had opted against an easy airport hotel and preferred to be in town for the day. I […] Read More

The Heisenberg principle

In quantum physics, the Heisenberg principle describes the impossibility to measure both the speed and the place of any particle precisely. The more precise you are on its speed, the less precise you can say where the particle actually is. And vice versa. I discovered today that this also applies to me. My own private […] Read More


Mid-october already… Which means: I’m heading to Asia. But first, a short stop-over in Chicago, for technical reasons. On paper, I could have made the connection from Mexico on to the United flight to Hong Kong in Chicago. But with only 1h25 in between flights, it seemed too tight. Anyone who has waited ages at US immigration […] Read More

Beach weekend

Temperatures are high this weekend in Vancouver. I have seen the city already. I am tired, after the beach yesterday, then GaGa at night, and a lot of beer in the bars afterwards. I came home at 4 am. So Sunday was spent at the beach again, in its entirety. Wreck beach that is, again. […] Read More

GaGa’s ArtRAVE

I’m a huge Madonna fan. 52 shows and counting. So when Lady GaGa is in town, I have to go, just to compare notes. I loved her first album, and then some songs of the following ones, but I got less involved… I guess it’s a problem of over-exposure. Honestly, what can you still expect […] Read More

Back to Canada

As I could not find a place in Seattle (that I could pay) that was free for the whole month, I checked out of Lily’s home this morning, rented a car, and drove up north to Vancouver. I like this city. It’s been a long battle between Vancouver, Seattle and Portland, as my home for […] Read More

I h a v e t i m e . . .

Today, as I’m lying in Hyde Park in London, just with a book, wasting time in such an amazing city with a book I could read on any rainy day, I realized, again, what a big luxury I have… Time. I have nothing to do today, nowhere to be, nothing to see, just be and […] Read More