Brazil budget

Ok, so I finally did a bit of math to have an estimate of my budget, and my spending… I decided I’ll post it here. It was really helpful for me to read on other blog how much they had spent, so I could have an indication of what I might need. I have calculated […] Read More

Rio revisited

It’s time to have a look back at Rio, so here’s the best-of. I first wanted to do it on Brazil as a whole, but São Paulo and Rio are Janeiro are just too different to put together in one… If you have suggestions for other categories, shoot! Best part/scene/place: Ipanema. Somehow in Rio, but it […] Read More

Last day at the beach

I had not given up hope yet to see Rio from above, the famous Cristo Retendor on top of Corcovado mountain, so I hopped on a bus, even though the statue was still hidden in the clouds. Once at the Cosmo Velho train station, I realized that the next available train was in 2h40. Ok, […] Read More

Exhibition in the rain

I heard about a little art event at the Parque de Lage Art School that I had visited before, so I went again and had a second look at the exhibition. It was in the evening, with the Rio hip student crowd showing up. The dress code: Guys: scruffy. Girls: artsy-alternative. The setting was even […] Read More

Muqueca de Banana

I had to go back. Espírito Santa, the restaurant, I mean. This time: Muqueca de Banana, a stew of not overly-ripe Bananas in a coconut sauce. The bananas were actually rather vegetable-like, firm, you nearly had to use a knife… Of orange color, no idea what kind of banana that was. It came with rice and some […] Read More

Culinary delights of Santa Teresa

I had spotted that place when walking through the streets in Santa Teresa earlier, and noted that it had a big choice of vegetarian dishes. Salads, soups, vegetables…. So I strolled back Rua Almirante Alexandrino to Espírito Santa, leaving the Cozinha alemã on the sides, and sat down in this cosy, dark place. First thing: a suco de maracujá that […] Read More

A different kind of Rio

So finally I went into Santa Teresa today… despite the low hanging clouds (I wish I had blue skies for the photos!). I nearly would have lived in Santa Teresa. There was a nice place for rent on Airbnb. In the end, I chose Ipanema, because of the beach, and because it seemed more busy, […] Read More

Park of Ruins

I went up to Santa Teresa today, on foot. I had stopped a cab and told him I wanted to go to the museum on top, but he refused with the word ‘mais alta’ or something. Ok, so it wasn’t raining yet, so I walked. Quite steep. I realised I was nearly there when I […] Read More

Beauty’s on the inside

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian or Catedral Metropolitana de São Sebastião in Rio is, pardon my French, goddamn awful. At first. I had noticed that conical stub of a building already from my trip to the top of the Sugar Loaf and thought of it as some kind of massive Congress Centre, the likes of which have […] Read More