Sleepless in Seattle

As I’m currently offline in the Nevada desert, here’s a blast from the past, my best-of from Seattle: Best part/scene/place: Capitol Hill. Seattle has many great neighborhoods, but nothing beats the Hill with its bars, restaurants, quiet green side streets, parks… Best drink (alcoholic): I just sampled all the local beers. I can’t really remember all the […] Read More

Meet Joe, the painter

Joe is one of my new friends in Seattle. His day time job is managing a project of Public Health for Seattle and King County, mainly for drug users in Seattle. They are, for example, providing clean needles for drug users, in order to prevent HIV infections, as well as social advice for those in need. It […] Read More

Pricey Seattle

Seattle was pricey. I already realized that during my airbnb hunt. And Capitol Hill especially was expensive. I could have paid 25$ a night for a sleeping bag (though I am not sure if that was a joke, but there were three on offer…) So accommodation was a big part and would gobble up more […] Read More

Good-bye Seattle

The past two days I had my usual round of good-bye’s in Seattle, to the city, the places I visited, and the people I met. I am getting nostalgic as usual a few days before, when I try to juggle all possible meetings, maximizing the time and trying to see everyone. It mostly works out, […] Read More


If you want to understand Seattle, there’s a couple of names that you will come across everyday, simply because so many people work for them: Starbuck’s. Amazon. Microsoft. Nordstrom. And, of course, Boeing. Until it moved its headquarters to Chicago in 2001, Boeing was the largest company based in Seattle. Though many jobs remained in the area, […] Read More


I don’t remember where I heard them first, but I shazamed them. Using the little app in my iPhone I found my way to Haim, somewhere along this trip around the world. I listened to a couple of songs, and then downloaded their album. Three sisters from California with guitars, making solid American pop rock music. […] Read More

West Seattle

I wanted to take a bike ride over to West Seattle and Alki beach for the whole month, but it was one of these places that got postponed and postponed… until the moment you realize it’s today or never. The weather though was rainy and grey, so it would not be a big bike ride. […] Read More

Museum of flight

Or, as it should be called more appropriately: the American Museum of flight, or the Boeing Museum of flight. Either way, it’s a great place to visit on a rainy day in Seattle, just a 20 minute drive south. The main attraction to me was, of course, the famous Concorde. It’s one of only three in North America. […] Read More


The last day in Vancouver was relaxing, but something was in the air. I was at the beach – yes, again – and read a bit. But high humidity and clouds announced a bit of a weather… I checked out late, but managed to meet my host Darek, a hydrologist, who rented me his room […] Read More

Beach weekend

Temperatures are high this weekend in Vancouver. I have seen the city already. I am tired, after the beach yesterday, then GaGa at night, and a lot of beer in the bars afterwards. I came home at 4 am. So Sunday was spent at the beach again, in its entirety. Wreck beach that is, again. […] Read More

GaGa’s ArtRAVE

I’m a huge Madonna fan. 52 shows and counting. So when Lady GaGa is in town, I have to go, just to compare notes. I loved her first album, and then some songs of the following ones, but I got less involved… I guess it’s a problem of over-exposure. Honestly, what can you still expect […] Read More

Back to Canada

As I could not find a place in Seattle (that I could pay) that was free for the whole month, I checked out of Lily’s home this morning, rented a car, and drove up north to Vancouver. I like this city. It’s been a long battle between Vancouver, Seattle and Portland, as my home for […] Read More