Songs of 2014

Just as a child, when I recorded my songs on a mix tape, from the radio, I still keep playlists. Now, as the tape is gone, the mix is potentially endless, so I cut then into yearly playlists. Those songs make up a year for me, and I can go back into the songs of […] Read More

The Art of Asking

I first saw Amanda Palmer in 2007 at a concert in Berkeley, playing a couple of songs with her band, the Dresden Dolls, at Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Tour. I was intrigued by this weird, punk-rock-meets-cabaret singer and her songs, and went right into Amoeba Records the next days to find their records. I kept following […] Read More

(My) Rebel Heart

When I was young and Madonna was super popular in the mid-80s, I actually didn’t like her! I might have listened to some of the songs on radio, but I didn’t like the personae, and the hype around her. That changed in 1989 with the Like A Prayer song, album, and video clip. Suddenly she […] Read More


I realized: I have actually completed my second round of circling the globe.  Even though I am not back in Europe, I am more or less on the same longitude. Here are the coordinates: Cape Town, South Africa: 33°55′ S, 18°22′ E Tel Aviv, Israel: 32°5′ N, 34°48′ E I am some 16° west of Tel Aviv […] Read More

Movember Day 30

I did it. I managed to get through the whole month and grew a mustache in the name of men’s health…. I mostly forgot about it, Except when an Indian kid said: I like your mustache, sir! I go: who? me? Oh yeah, right! So, this is it, I raised 25 Euro. From myself. I […] Read More

Why solo is best

A lot of people ask me if I don’t feel alone, traveling such a long time by myself, 420 days now. If I don’t miss my home and my friends. Truth be told, there’s too much happening to really miss something or someone. It’s like an adrenaline rush of new things. I hardly have time […] Read More

Movember Day 9

Update on my #Movember status. I’m not yet convinced. But I’m going along with it. A lot of the Aussie guys in Saturday’s pool party were on beard too. After all, it started in Melbourne. So here’s what it looks like after 9 days. Support me by making a donation 😉   Read More

Movember, Day #1

According to the rules of Movember, on Day #1 I had to shave. Luckily I had met Sammy, a photographer from Hong Kong, who volunteered to take the pictures of the process. I’ll post the progress of growing a mustache here regularly. If you want to know more about the Movember movement, check out […] Read More

Voyage Voyage

How on earth, of all songs on the radio, could I have forgotten about this song? It was the summer hit of 1987. For the following carnival I went as Desireless, dressed in black with my hair combed up and yellow. Thank god no photo survived.     * *             […] Read More


I joined the Movember movement! No, it’s not a typo. I’m going to grow a mustache! On my way to one of the small coffee shops with strong coffee and strong wifi I noticed a change from a few days back: one of the beautiful paintings on the side of a gallery had been replaced […] Read More