The plane ride was smooth, bus and taxi in Melbourne, too, and so I arrived in my new home in Collingwood, at the border to Fitzroy and in walking distance of all my favorite spots, Sircuit, The Peel, Wet…

Lisa and Sara greeted me, and so did Action, their cute doggie, jumping up and down as if she had missed me all day….

Sara and Lisa both work in the food industry, and so their kitchen and dining room is a central place to the apartment.

I seem to end up with chefs, foodie’s and restaurant managers here… after Kate, Kathy now Lisa and Sara. No wonder I don’t lose any weight (although I think that is beer- and alcohol induced).

I have a nice room in their cosy house, big, comfy bed with a firm mattress… and the best feature is definitely their big backyard, with the chair and the table under the tree…

I’m glad I got a full month here. Unpacking, no more living out of the suitcase…!