Heading south again

After a two-day stop in San Francisco, I’ll be heading south again today, to Auckland and then on to Sydney, where I will meet my friends Sven, Kevin and Rajiv from Brussels.

This is going to be the longest flight so far. And I’ll fly over the international date line and skip a day.

I still cannot understand why I’ll have no 29 December. Or maybe somewhere along the flight I’ll fly over territory where the date is 29/12/2013.

Or do I skip it totally moving from 23.59 on 28/12 to 00.00 on 30/12 when I cross the line? I have no idea…

Here are the flight statistics:

Flight 10 to Auckland

Date: 28/12/2013
Code: NZ 007 from SFO to AKL
Airline: Air New Zealand
Plane: Boeing 747-400
Distance flown: 6584 Miles
Duration: 11h30

2013-12-28 SFO-AKL


Flight 11 to Sydney

Flight 11 to Sydney 30/12/2013
Code: NZ 101 from AKL to SYD
Airline: Air New Zealand
Plane: Boeing 767-300
Distance flown: 1389 Miles
Duration: 3h05

2013-12-30 AKL-SYD