My Bangkok home

505px-Seal_Bangkok_Metropolitan_Admin_(green).svgAs I had to make a stop in Bangkok anyway on the way to Mumbai, I added a few days to the trip.

I’ll have 7 days in Thailands capital.

I was looking for a hotel to stay, and got in touch with my friend and former colleague Daria. We worked together for the Press Service in the European Economic and Social Committee, and she was such a sunshine.

She’s been in Thailand for some time now, working for the UN, and she offered me to stay at her place.

It’s such a generous offer… It’ll be fun to have someone local, and live in a real apartment again, not a hotel room or a functional guest room.

So here’s where I’ll stay, pretty much in the centre of town, on Langsuan road:

I can’t wait to see her again and reminisce about work…