Total expenses

After publishing the break-down of my expenses in the different categories, from itinerary costs to groceries, insurances to eating out, here’s the final, overview.

Flight map

The ultimate budget of this whole crazy trip, all in all, every Euro, Dollar, Lira, Real, Shekel, Peso, Yen, Rand, Baht or Rupie I spent, as far as I managed to record it, was 65.000 €.

Here is the break down:

Out of the 46.800 € budgeted to spend in daily life in each city, I did actually –  and to my big surprise – spend only 45.780 € and hence less than I could have.

Expensive cities were balanced out by cheaper ones.

The total is therefore 64.990 € for 18 months on the road, or 121 € per day, all inclusive.

If you want you can check out this sheet with all the calculations and expenses: Let it go – total budget [PDF]

It’s a pretty big sum. It’s a down-payment for a nice apartment in Brussels.

Still, I have no regrets. I had the experience of a lifetime. I would do it again.

I will do it again.

You can have it cheaper if you want. Traveling les than 18 months. Staying in cheaper places. Not spending so much on drinking and eating as I did.

But the point is: you can do it. For three months, or six, or whatever your employer agrees to.

…if you start saving for it now…
…if you stop buying all the useless stuff we drag home on a Saturday shopping spree…
…if you set yourself a goal and a date…
…if you open up a savings account only for this, and never touch it…

…it’s totally possible.

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