My itinerary

The journey is over.

Here is my itinerary, all in one map.

Zoom in to follow me on my different trips. The dates and links to the cities I lived in are below.

Leg 1

RTW #1

Here’s the detailed account of the booking process… It was a journey in and by itself!

Leg 2

RTW #2

Here’s the detailed account of the planning.

Leg 3

Instead of returning in January 2015, I extended this trip to the end of March 2015, just to avoid having to come back to Brussels in full winter, which would have been depressing…

Instead, this is what I came up with:

RTW #3

Here’s the detailed account of the planning.

And this is what my travel map will look like in the end, the countries I will have visited by then (including the European countries I have visited before going on this trip).



2 thoughts on “My itinerary

  1. ich sehe gerade, daß du von mitte november bis anfang dezember in indien sein wirst! weißt du schon, wo???

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