My final budget

After publishing the break-down of my expenses in the different categories, from itinerary costs to groceries, insurances to eating out, here’s the final, overview. The ultimate budget of this whole crazy trip, all in all, every Euro, Dollar, Lira, Shekel, Peso, Yen, Rand, Real, Baht or Rupie I spent, as far as I managed to record […] Read More

Eating out & getting drunk

I have no idea to how many restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs I have been in those 18 months… After a few months I started checking in on Foursquare & Swarm, to record it all, but I lack the first three months in South America. Still, Swarm hast recorded nearly 1450 check-ins, and most of those […] Read More

The hidden costs

Yesterday wrote about the total cost for all the flights. Today, it’s time for a bit of background spending on such a trip. Don’t underestimate the hidden side costs, as they too add up quickly. Just in case…. Insurances One of the biggest posts here would be insurances. I kept my health insurance through work, […] Read More

5 cents per kilometer

Today, I’ll start with the actual cost of flying around the globe three times, of renting cars and taking trains, ferries and busses. I have already written about the actual ticket hunting and booking processes of my three circumventions of the globe, but here’s the final tally: Besides spending 360.000 miles on my two Round-the-world […] Read More

The world is your oyster

If you think about taking time off and going on a trip around the world, the one question on your mind is inevitably: how much will that cost…? Reading other blogs who published their budget really helped me planning and budgeting my trip. That’s why I have decided, throughout my journey, to publish my expenses […] Read More


…and just when I was hitting a bit of a low point, and thought I’d spend another evening locked in, despite the sunshine, I got a message… Georgios from Chicago, whom I had met a few times in Hong Kong over beers, texted me that he was in town. He was heading to Paris, to […] Read More


Three weeks ago my plane took off from Buenos Aires, and I was on my way back to Europe, back to my old life, a new apartment, old friends, a (nearly) new job… I was functioning pretty much on autopilot, without thinking too much, without even being too melancholic. Last week was my first nearly […] Read More

Travel bug

This video surfaced in 2011 around the time when I started to think seriously about making this journey. It fascinated, moved and inspired me. Weirdly, I didn’t have it on my laptop when I left. Today, I watched it again. And again. And again. And again. And I cried. Read More

Let it go – the figures

And this is what my journey looks like if you break it down into figures and statistics: In figures, I was… travelling a total of 185.608 km flying 105.991 miles (or 170.576 km) by plane taking 55.000 pictures driving 9.195 km by car or bus riding 5.280 km by train sailing 557 km by ferry and […] Read More

Baby steps

It has been a couple of days that I am back home. I haven’t found anything like stability so far, but I didn’t expect to find it so soon. Of course the first few days were spent unpacking, then I went to London for the weekend, and had one final day in Brussels before going […] Read More