Thank you Tenbosch

It’s done. My old place is finally empty and clean. Les Petits Riens came today and took my remaining furniture and stuff, the cleaning lady gave a final polish and I dumped the last of roughly a dozen bags of trash today. I was getting a bit nostalgic in the end. It was a nice […] Read More

Moving out, and on

Finally, the day of the move. I was really nervous beforehand. Thank God I took Friday off, I would never have made it otherwise. The wrapping and sorting and packing took more time than I thought, but it all went well, and on Saturday morning, when my moving company showed up, I was ready. It […] Read More

D-6 before my move

Ok, I’m starting to get stressed… It’s 6 days before my move, and even though I’d say 95% is packed and boxed, I’m starting to stress out… The to-do-list in my head is so long, I don’t know where to start… I’ll move on Saturday 21 September, bringing my couch and a few other things […] Read More

Me and the 40 boxes

My good friend Sven offered me to store 40 boxes in his garage basement. Something I’m really thankful for! Since I started packing a couple of weeks back, the 40-boxes-limit has been a fixture in my life. Countless times I have estimated and extrapolated my belongings… will I make the 40 boxes? With each box […] Read More

Seattle or Vancouver?

While being on a little road trip with family through Canada, I came to Vancouver again, a city I had already visited back in 2010 for 5 days, and really liked. Same thing now, I loved it… the scenery, the city, its vibe, the people…. So I immediately thought I should include it in my […] Read More

I h a v e t i m e . . .

Today, as I’m lying in Hyde Park in London, just with a book, wasting time in such an amazing city with a book I could read on any rainy day, I realized, again, what a big luxury I have… Time. I have nothing to do today, nowhere to be, nothing to see, just be and […] Read More

Ipanema, here I come

I did it. I made the first booking request with Airbnb. For this lovely place in Ipanema in Rio. I’ll be staying with Mauricio in this great place close to the beach, in a nice area. I checked back with lots of friend who know Rio, about where to go (and where not to…) and […] Read More

IT wonder

I’m an IT genius after all. I can’t believe I got this blog up and running. Ok, still a few things to sort out, but when I first read the instructions on word press, I was like: what? I could not comprehend what they were trying to tell me… I felt sooo last century. I […] Read More


Booking Day! Today I bought my Round-the-world ticket for the first leg of the tour. It was an adventure of its own. Here’s a detailed account on how it went, for the first leg of the journey, October ’13 to April ’14: I played around for months with the Star Alliance Round-the-world tool, trying to figure out […] Read More