The day after pride, Sven his friend Tsjerk wanted to take the bikes and ride around town and over to Jaffa. I was too tired for that. I sent them on their way and took up residence at the Hilton Hotel pool, until the boys were back.

I am really tired, and the little sleep as well as the constant change between heat and air conditioning left its toll.

As usual, my throat hurts, tonsils big and read and I sweat a lot at night. Last thing I need now is a summer cold.

So we spent all afternoon at the pool, with a view over the beach downhill.

Down there the crowds moved to the beat of the DJ, the thumping beats reaching us faintly.

It looked like they had fun, but we needed some quiet.


In the evening, we met again at Evita, a local bar, but now full of tourists who were here for pride. So I took them over to Shpagat, my favorite bar.

It’s more a local hangout, not big, but with a funny sports theme and consisting mostly out of big, wooden steps on which you can sit on.

Unfortunately it only opens late, if would be a great day time café, too.

They had their usual Arabian night. We met my friend Davidi and danced a while to the coolest Arabian beats and songs, sometimes interrupted by a few Hebrew hits.

It was fun, a totally different vibe than the tourists at Evita trying to look cool. Don’t get me wrong: Evita is great, with its famous Eurovision nights and the drag shows!

Unfortunately, my cold took its toll, I needed to go to bed and get some sleep. We had had tickets for another party later that night, but I knew I had to go to bed. Better be sensible, once.

The next day, we simply hung out at the beach, renting chairs and parasols and getting some drinks form the waiters. The water is as warm as a bath tub, crystal clear.

In the night, we made a quick stint to the closing pride party, in a nice club at the waterfront.

It had a huge outdoor deck, chairs, drinks and some cool beats. We stayed for an hour and then went to bed…

Sven is leaving tomorrow and I should take care of that cold.