Renovation time

Ok, it’s time to renovate the look of this blog!

As the journey is over, and I won’t be posting much more on here, I’ll work on a new layout, making the different cities more accessible.

So forgive if the site may look a bit weird in parts, I am working on adapting the posts and templates for a few days.

Even though I am back at work, I never really stop travelling.

But if I keep posting these stories here, over time the whole concept oft his around-the-world trip will become blurry.

So I decided to start a new blog, for the stories of my travelling, called The Wayward Traveller. You’ll find my future posts there.

It is not going to be about something crazy like this trip. It might be about a day trip to Paris or a concert I went to. Or about the family trips I take with my sister and my Dad through the Canadian Rockies or US National parcs.

It will not be a full on travel site, with recommendations of the 17 things to see in 35 hours in Washington DC. Rather my personal stories and discoveries.

I hope you’ll follow, too,