It’s been eight weeks since I boarded my last plane from Buenos Aires. All in all, the return has been smooth, and everything went as planned, as far as the organization of it all is concerned. It could not have been smoother. Friends, colleagues and strangers ask how it is to be back, and if I […] Read More

Why solo is best

A lot of people ask me if I don’t feel alone, traveling such a long time by myself, 420 days now. If I don’t miss my home and my friends. Truth be told, there’s too much happening to really miss something or someone. It’s like an adrenaline rush of new things. I hardly have time […] Read More

Back to normal

The last two weeks have been pretty intense. Leaving Santiago, flying to San Francisco, meeting my friends there, flying south again, meeting Sven, Kevin and Rajiv, New Year’s Eve, then flying to Melbourne, exploring, meeting new people here… I hardly had any time to breathe or think about all that happened. Now the boys have […] Read More