48792 km

And here are the travel statistics for round 3 of my journey.In total, I made another 48792 kilometers. This was the shortest and quickest round, lasting a mere 80 days! Here are the statistics for round 1 and round 2. Technically it was not a full circle, as I did not return to Cape Town, but Brussels being pretty […] Read More

Excessive Buenos Aires

When I first came to Buenos Aires in 2011 I thought it was pretty cheap. In comparison to Brussels. 2013 was another thing already. Two and a half years of inflation added to the price level. Now, back in 2015, it’s outright expensive, to the point where sometimes it’s excessive, for what you get. As […] Read More

Final flights

This is it, I am about to board my last final flights, from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt and on to Brussels. Due to the strike, my departure is delayed by two hours, but I’m glad they could re-schedule the flight with only this minimal delay. I will miss my initial flight into Brussels, but have already […] Read More

Very last day

I spent the last day on this trip all by myself. Not that I had planned it that way. Maybe I should have. But on Saturday, instead of seeing old and new friends, one thing after the other fell through. Same thing Sunday morning. Everyone either did not respond at all, or hours too late, […] Read More


Finally, on my last day here in Buenos Aires, I managed to do one single thing from my list: I went to MALBA, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires. I’ve been there before, but it’s always a treat. This time they had a great photo exhibition of German-Argentinian photographer Annemarie Heinrich. But the main […] Read More

Empanadas y vino

Just a few pictures from this Friday night, with Javo and some new friends. All expats, we realized we had one of each nationality: American, Canadian, Spanish, British, Ecuadorian, Venezuelan, German, and of course, our only Argentinian: Javo. It’s like back home in Brussels, just that there is usually one token Belgian.   We ordered […] Read More

Ready or not?

As every day, I read Spiegel Online, my main source of information and connection to home. One article talked about yet another round of strikes at Lufthansa, Germany’s biggest carrier, and, incidentally, my ticket home. The pilots’ union announced another strike day for Saturday, 21st, concerning all long-haul flights. Uff, I though, thank God, not […] Read More


It’s really hot again in BsAs, after a few days of temperatures in the mid-twenties. How on earth did I fear that it could be cold here during that time, with autumn arriving…? It’s so hot I hardly do anything over midday. Thank God I rented this place with the pool (even though very small), […] Read More

Late dinner

I met up with my friend Federico for beers…. but at one point, you just need some solid food. It’s nearly 11 pm, and in Germany or Belgium, a lot of places would be close to closing time… Of course, not so here in Argentina. We walked over a few blocks into the city and […] Read More


When I walk down Calle Florida, the shopping street in the middle of town with its big and small shops and malls, I feel like a walking Dollar sign. Like parrots, the only words you hear is a constant murmuring and shouting of Cambio! Cambio! Cambio! Cambio! Change! They take any foreign money, preferably Dollars, […] Read More


I’m grumpy today, simple as that. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep after last night. Maybe it’s pre-return blues. It was a nice, sunny day – and finally not hot and humid but really agreeable! But I only left the house at around 4. Again, several plans for the day kind of fell through, and […] Read More

Nights out

It’s the weekend, so time to go out… Or first sleep a lot so you can actually match the Argentinian time frame to go out… Friday night I slept into the evening and then, past midnight, walked over to Sitges, a bar that is supposed to be a first stop on your nightly circuit, waiting […] Read More