Countdown to Brussels

There is not much going on, and I’m in a pensive mood. I hang out by the pool, swim at the gym (makes me think, quiet under water), avoid the daytime heat in Buenos Aires… And the end of the journey is so close, so I start to reflect a lot… I have no idea how […] Read More

Timing issues

The time rhythm here in South America is different. Everything has its own pace and its own hours, and being late is not necessarily late… I noticed this on my first visit, and I have written about the frustrations that sometimes come with this, when German punctuality and commitment meet a different way of life. […] Read More

Daily life

There is not much to report from here. I am not sure I can keep the blog up and running with so little to report. I mean this blog was intended as a diary, to report on what I’ve been doing fro friends and family at home. I have kept it up – but not been […] Read More


Return to BsAs. Did I just say you cannot do the same thing twice? Well, maybe it’s true and you can’t. But you can deceive yourself to do so. By renting the exact same place again. It feels eerily familiar. I mean, that’s why I did it. But somehow the effect is that I feel […] Read More

One last stop

And here we go, for the last, ultimate stop on this long journey: I am heading to Buenos Aires today, for the last two weeks. I’m in Recoleta again, in my old apartment. Here are the flight details: Flight 44: Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires Date: 07/03/2015 Code: AC092 from SCL to EZE Airline: Air Canada […] Read More

Back to SERENA

One of the last bookings for this trip: I booked my place for the last two weeks in Buenos Aires. I’ll be back at exactly my old place in Recoleta, in Arenales/Callao, my lovely SERENA Apartment with the balcony and roof top pool. It was perfect last time, with the pool nearby, the main bus lines, […] Read More

One more time (RTW#3)

It took a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with the three months’ extension I granted myself on this trip. And just when HR mailed me the signed OK for the prolongation  only three days after the expiration of the first sabbatical year (not that I had already booked the flights, anyway…) […] Read More

Phone issues

I have phone issues! And this post is going to be a bit of a rant about efficiency issues in South America. In each country it has been a struggle to get a pre-paid phone chip, or to get it charged. In Brazil, I finally got a pre-paid chip from Claro, which worked pretty well. […] Read More

Best of BsAs

It’s time to look back at 5 weeks in the Argentinian capital: Best part/scene/place: Recoleta. It’s just the place to be. Palermo comes in at a close second, but I think I’d always go back to Arenales y Callao. It’s central, bars, restaurants and services close by, and you’re super fast in any other part of […] Read More

Buenos Aires Spending

I’ve spent 34 days in Buenos Aires – not counting the trip to Montevideo, so this is the biggest budget so far. I am pretty sure though that I forgot some stuff. I tried to keep track of it all, but it’s impossible to be totally accurate… and I have a little discrepancy to even […] Read More