The boy with the red shoes

Today I took the plane home, to Lake Constance. We have a class reunion, 21 years after High School (we didn’t make it last year…) I was looking forward to it – seeing old friend again… some I see every time I’m back at the Lake, some I haven’t seen in what might well be […] Read More

Where’s home?

After traveling for over ten months now, I often start to ask myself: where is home? I have visited so many places. Just to recall, I have been to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago, Valparaiso, San Francisco, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and all through New Zealand, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Zurich, […] Read More

Absolutely Auckland

And here’s my best-of-Auckland: Best part/scene/place: Ponsonby. Probably the best mix between residential, restaurants and nightlife. Although much more quiet than Melbourne’s Fitzroy, it has it’s charm. Best drink (alcoholic): I didn’t experiment much. Just some local Kiwi brews. Auckland wasn’t cheap to go out, and I needed to save some money. Best restaurant: Xio Dan in Auckland. […] Read More


I had a great seat with extra legroom and a window… not for free, Air New Zealand makes you pay for that privilege, but I thought for an 11 hour flight, that’s worth it… The flight was good, even though we had to wear the seatbelt a lot flying through some ultra-high and grey clouds. […] Read More

Up north

Time to say good-bye to Te Waipounamu, the South Island. I’m flying north to Auckland for one last night at the airport, before taking the morning flight to Tokyo the day after. Here are the flight statisticss: Flight 17 to Auckland Date: 01/04/2014 Code: ANZ648 from ZQN to AKL Airline: Air New Zealand Plane: Airbus 320 Distance flown: […] Read More

Auckland budget

New Zealand money is pretty similar to the Australian dollar. Maybe it comes from both being made of polymere… same feel. The 10$ note depicts Kate Sheppard, suffragette, who won her country over to give women the vote already in 1893. Those Kiwis are progressive. Speaking of which, of course the Kiwi is on the […] Read More

Coromandel Peninsula

I got my car at 10 in the morning, then packed up my stuff, got a coffee for the way and my repaired bag, and ran into Clint and a friend. Final hugs, and off I go. My first stop tonight is Hot Water Beach, however I took quite a detour via the Coromandel Peninsula. Separated by […] Read More

Travel rhythms

Time to say good-bye to Auckland, already. I’m heading out on my NZ road trip today. As always, I don’t want to leave, now. I always have to leave when I just start to feel a bit at home. It sucks. Well, #firstWorldProblems, I know. But I can see a pattern evolve in every city: […] Read More

Movie day

Friday afternoon, everybody was ready for the storm. Events cancelled, clouds hanging low…. and in the end, hardly a drop of rain. I went to a birthday party with Clint and his friends. As we don’t have a TV in the house, I had missed out on Kiwi television. However, the host and birthday boy […] Read More

Auckland Transport

Auckland is a car city. They pretty much built it on, around and for the car. While the CBD now has a couple of pedestrian zones, the main means of transport for Aucklanders are their four wheels. First time you realize that, is when you have to wait for green on any crossing. I seems […] Read More

Hatches down for Lusi

The weather has been great yesterday, and I enjoyed a good time in Albert Park with a bunch of shirtless students from the nearly university, and my NZ travel guide. I also managed to get some Japanese Yen, as I realized it might be wise to have at least some local currency before heading north. […] Read More