Mornington Peninsula

Kate and I had set a day aside for a trip down the Mornington Peninsula, a long stretch of land on the East side of Port Phillip’s Bay, that is famous for its wineries, and hot springs. We drove off at 10 in the morning, heading south on the new highway, to have a first […]


Traveling around the globe makes you see an innumerable amount of things: sights, museums, exhibitions…. but you also do miss some things that happen at home. I was bummed to realize I would miss the big Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in London in 2013… as well as Matisse in Tate Modern, the London film festival, […]

Birthday girl

In the end, this trip has less been about the places that I have been to, than about the people I have met there and along the journey. I am amazed how many great people I have met along the way… There are Radio DJs, musicians, cooks, bloggers, casting agents, chefs, managers, Japanese teachers, nurses, […]

Up the coast

Final, final, final bookings are being made on this trip. I only have to book a place in Canberra and that! is! it! I decided to leave Melbourne on Saturday 14th, exactly one month after arriving, and take four days to drive up the coast to Sydney. I was tempted to cancel it and stay […]

Melbourne’s daughters and sons

Last year, Kevin was des-per-ate to find the alleged, mythical statue of Kylie Minogue in Melbourne. Alas, we could not find her at all. We were roaming around South bank – far off course. So I set out to find her this time around, this time with new friends as local guides, exploring the Melbourne […]

Cool Summer

It’s a cool, cool Melbourne summer. Unlike last year when the temperatures hit 44 degrees for a couple of days in a row, this summer is markedly cooler. The first few days here were hot and I was at the pool every day. But we also had a day of rain, and temperatures that warrant […]

Melbourne photo course

After 16 months, I finally invested some time into a little photo course. Well, not only a camera course, to learn how to handle all the buttons on my Nikon, but, at the same time, a walk through Melbourne’s lanes. Entitled ‘Photographing Melbourne: A Walking Tour with a Difference! Lanes & Arcades‘, our guide was […]


Melbourne is a big city – and a small one at the same time. It is funny to see how things come full circle, within a year. So, my host Sara told me about that street artist she liked and knew through a few friends, who had an exhibition in the CBD. She showed me […]

Fallen off

I fell of my bike, Sir St. James. My fault. I wanted to cross the street, with a whole queue of cars on the other side. I wanted to ride alongside them and then use a space and flip over to the left side of the road. Unfortunately, I got caught in the tram tracks. […]

Coin-operated artist

Walking home to the tram in the CBD, from an improvised stand-up Midsumma show by The sparrow Men late at night, there she was, a person all in white, with brushes all over her, and an unfinished painting next to her. The coin-operated artist. Absolutely motionless. How could I pass her, after reading Amanda Palmer’s […]

CBD night lane walk

Something that defines Melbourne are its lanes. Those are tiny alleys that cut across the city blocks, often full of dumpsters, sometimes just empty, but some just full of hidden gems like bars, take-aways or art! I met up with my new Polish friend Artur, with whom I share a certain passion for dumplings. After stuffing […]

Meeting Kate

And just like last year, on Australia Day, I met Kate again. She was my host in Fitzroy on my first visit to Melbourne. A year ago, we took a car down to the Yarra Valley, the vineries and milk producers, and in the end had a swim in the Yarra. This year, we met […]