Eden, NSW

Finally, no rain! I left Lake Entrance quite early, and drove along the highway to Orbost, a bit inland, where I decided to make a little detour back to the coast and the small town of Marlo. There I had a quick breakfast and a very short stroll along the coast. The snowy river hits the […]

‘Straya Day Weekend

Unlike last year, where I went on a Picnic with Will and Rajiv and we ended up getting drunk, and I had tickets for a Midsumma show, and saw the fireworks, this year’s Australia Day announced itself pretty mellow. My hosts Sara & Lisa were out to Brisbane for the weekend, so I had the […]

Glenelg beach

The weather started to get better so I took a ride with Adelaide’s last remaining tram line, out to Glenelg, at the seaside. It’s only about a half-hour ride on the modern tram.  On Sundays and public holidays they get out the old rolling stock and you can enjoy the ride in the original vintage […]

Summer in Perth

I feel my stay in Perth will be a lazy one. Very lazy. I met up with Clint the other day and we basically just walked from café to bar to café. It was great to catch up. He moved to Perth from Auckland some six month ago, and just found a new job in […]

Cottesloe Beach

45 degrees. It hits you like a hammer. Thank god it’s a dry heat. I arrived on the hottest day of the year. OK, it’s January, 5th. The hottest day of summer, so far. Thank god for air conditioning. I met my host Kathy, as well as her partner Costa, in their nice apartment in the […]


Not too much to report here. We slept till late, had coffee, and headed for Sandy Bay beach again. Slept a while, met some friends there, and I got into the cold water again. It gets easier every time you do it. In the evening, dinner with Branden at Beefcake, a local hot spot Burger […]

Ice Water Challenge

No, I did not empty a bucket of ice water over my head for charity. I immersed myself in it! Sven, Branden and I went to Sandy Bay beach again to hang out and work on our tans. But as usual with the winds there, and in combination with our sun tan lotion, we soon […]

Holiday, celebration

Everyone who is working might slap me for that comment: but I’m in need of a holiday. Traveling for nearly 15 months now has taken its toll. Sven’s arrival is really perfectly timed. He’s been working like mad in the past months in a new job, had been sick in the past weeks, and is […]


First full day in Cape Town. I managed to get my SIM cards, I got the local public transport card, had breakfast in Manhattan Café (already my hot spot, as I write this I have been there four times!), and went to the supermarket. I love having an apartment again and a kitchen. A place […]

South China Sea

I did a few trips around Hong Kong Island, to Middle Bay Beach, and to Stanley, a little town on the South coast of Hong Kong Island. It’s famous for its Stanley Market, which left me a bit unimpressed though. It’s a market full of the usual trinkets, clothes and stuff you can basically find […]


The last day in Vancouver was relaxing, but something was in the air. I was at the beach – yes, again – and read a bit. But high humidity and clouds announced a bit of a weather… I checked out late, but managed to meet my host Darek, a hydrologist, who rented me his room […]

Beach weekend

Temperatures are high this weekend in Vancouver. I have seen the city already. I am tired, after the beach yesterday, then GaGa at night, and a lot of beer in the bars afterwards. I came home at 4 am. So Sunday was spent at the beach again, in its entirety. Wreck beach that is, again. […]