Phone issues

I have phone issues! And this post is going to be a bit of a rant about efficiency issues in South America. In each country it has been a struggle to get a pre-paid phone chip, or to get it charged. In Brazil, I finally got a pre-paid chip from Claro, which worked pretty well. […] Read More

Brazil budget

Ok, so I finally did a bit of math to have an estimate of my budget, and my spending… I decided I’ll post it here. It was really helpful for me to read on other blog how much they had spent, so I could have an indication of what I might need. I have calculated […] Read More

São Paulo revisited

And here’s the best of São Paulo. Best part/scene/place: Vila Mariana – rua Joaquim Távora. For its amazing number of bars, restaurants and places. Best drink (non-alcoholic): Egnaldo’s Papaya-Maca-Lemon Juice. Super yummy and home made! Best drink (alcoholic): Caipirinha wins it again, at Athenas. Best restaurant: Athenas. For its cheese balls. Best bar: Loca bar, the one at the corner of […] Read More

Rio revisited

It’s time to have a look back at Rio, so here’s the best-of. I first wanted to do it on Brazil as a whole, but São Paulo and Rio are Janeiro are just too different to put together in one… If you have suggestions for other categories, shoot! Best part/scene/place: Ipanema. Somehow in Rio, but it […] Read More

Sampa’s markets

My last full day in Brazil was market day for me. I went down to the Centro and into the Mercado Municipal de São Paulo. Well, first, I had to fight my way through. I got off at São Bento Metro, and ran into the masses of São Paulo. Think Oxford street at Christmas, just much, […] Read More

Forget Guacamole

The first drink Mauricio made me in Rio was a Vitamina with avocado. It was delicious. But basically any fruit can be used, I understand – check this recipe! Now I had another epiphany: An avocado popsicle! Forget the green mushy stuff to dip your tacos in! This is the real thing!!!! It’s from a store in […] Read More

But… where is the art…?

I really like museums. Anything with photography, a Picasso or Matisse will make me happy. São Paulo seemed to have a lot to offer… the MIS, the MASP, the MAM, the MAC…. all interesting targets. I was however a bit confused about the MAC, the Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo. Judging from its […] Read More

Mobile me

Keeping a city of 20 Million people mobile and out of traffic jams must be a logistic nightmare…. I can hardly imagine the number of buses, depots, trains, cars… Well, I have one figure: there are 7 Million registered cars in São Paulo alone. However, I have to say the system seems to work, for me. […] Read More

Getting connected

So far, this trip has been far from lonely. Sure, I’m traveling on my own, but it has been easy to meet people in all different places. The best thing though is when friends connect you, like my friend Daniel did, whom I had met in San Francisco six years ago… A few Facebook messages […] Read More

Head over heels

To sum it up for Wednesday: I’ve had esfihas, some kind of tiny, lofty cheese pizza (you squeeze a fresh lemon over it), for breakfast with a friend, I got some US Dollars for Argentina in a Brazilian bank speaking with hands and feet (and undergoing a name change to Christian Deutsch in the process), […] Read More