Eating out & getting drunk

I have no idea to how many restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs I have been in those 18 months… After a few months I started checking in on Foursquare & Swarm, to record it all, but I lack the first three months in South America. Still, Swarm hast recorded nearly 1450 check-ins, and most of those […] Read More


I spent two hours in the Lufthansa lounge, getting breakfast, then a soup, and, above all, taking a shower after the long flight. Together with the business class check-in, there are the best perks of being a Frequent Traveller. And of course, using the miles for the Round-the-world-ticket! The last flight to Brussels was really […] Read More

Estación Mapocho

Time to revisit another place that was a favorite of mine last time around, Estación Mapocho, an old train station, now decommissioned, that once linked Santiago to Northern Chile. Built between 1905 and 1912, the station was constructed in time for the centennial celebrations in Chile, which also saw the construction of the Museo de […] Read More

Into autumn

I woke up to a grey, covered sky, and it had cooled down notably over night. I wanted to go to the Museum of Modern Art, but it is closed till 2nd of March – just in time for me to see it on the last days. I went to what seems to become my […] Read More

Meeting Kate

And just like last year, on Australia Day, I met Kate again. She was my host in Fitzroy on my first visit to Melbourne. A year ago, we took a car down to the Yarra Valley, the vineries and milk producers, and in the end had a swim in the Yarra. This year, we met […] Read More

Mellow Delhi

Again, like yesterday, I had no energy for sights… I went to the beautiful Lodi Park a bit South of the center. Surrounded by beautiful and clean tree-lined streets, there were a number of beautiful houses and nice gardens in the area. Obviously a better-off area. The tuk-tuk let me off at one of the gates […] Read More

Bangkok arrival

My flight was easy, and I arrived in the late afternoon at Daria’s place. It turned out to be one of the most impressive and sought after apartment towers in Bangkok, on the renowned Langsuan Road. It’s like entering another world, guards open the door and salute, the entry hall alone is impressive with its […] Read More

Hong Kong Dumpling heaven

I try to post less food pics here, as people have complained 😉 Not really.  But this one has to be: I found the perfect Dumpling places in Hong Hong, and enjoyed some great Ramen. I love dumplings and Dim Sum, but for a vegetarian they are kind of tricky, as you never know what’s […] Read More

Castillo de Chapultepec

I woke up early in order to meet Jimena. I met here during a dinner at my friend Ignacio’s place in Santiago, back in december. She’s a Portuguese teacher, also learns German, and a traveller like me. We met up at the Auditorio Nacional, and first went for breakfast in the beautiful neighborhood of Polanco. She […] Read More


My cold is getting better, but I have to say I still feel exhausted. It’s maybe also linked to the city’s altitude, with 2250 meters above sea level, it is significantly higher than the port cities I have stayed in the last months… So I start exploring my neighborhood slowly. I have walked through Zona […] Read More

Sleepless in Seattle

As I’m currently offline in the Nevada desert, here’s a blast from the past, my best-of from Seattle: Best part/scene/place: Capitol Hill. Seattle has many great neighborhoods, but nothing beats the Hill with its bars, restaurants, quiet green side streets, parks… Best drink (alcoholic): I just sampled all the local beers. I can’t really remember all the […] Read More


I arrived in the early evening, and transfer into town was smooth, thanks to their light rail train that connects the city to its airport! A few minutes in a taxi uphill and I was on Capitol Hill, meeting my host Lilly. She’s a warm, welcoming woman who quickly showed me the house and the basics. […] Read More