5 cents per kilometer

Today, I’ll start with the actual cost of flying around the globe three times, of renting cars and taking trains, ferries and busses. I have already written about the actual ticket hunting and booking processes of my three circumventions of the globe, but here’s the final tally: Besides spending 360.000 miles on my two Round-the-world […] Read More

Let it go – the figures

And this is what my journey looks like if you break it down into figures and statistics: In figures, I was… travelling a total of 185.608 km flying 105.991 miles (or 170.576 km) by plane taking 55.000 pictures driving 9.195 km by car or bus riding 5.280 km by train sailing 557 km by ferry and […] Read More

48792 km

And here are the travel statistics for round 3 of my journey.In total, I made another 48792 kilometers. This was the shortest and quickest round, lasting a mere 80 days! Here are the statistics for round 1 and round 2. Technically it was not a full circle, as I did not return to Cape Town, but Brussels being pretty […] Read More


Day 3 of my trip up to Sydney. This time I went inland, and quickly up the hills, through a couple of green pastures… cows galore! Australia has always such a dry, arid image in my mind, I am surprised to find these lush, green spots. There were a couple of stops with walks through Rain forests, […] Read More

Gippsland Lakes

After the endless rain, the sky was showing a small but growing hole with blue skies, so I drove over the 30 minutes to Metung, a tiny fishing village on the Gippsland lakes. I wanted to stay there initially but it was pretty much booked out – in my price class. I walked along the lake […] Read More

500 days

Today I am on the road for 500 days! Those special ‘anniversaries’ are always a good moment to look back at the road traveled so far… Especially on this day, as I am bidding farewell to Melbourne. Usually, I am pretty matter-of-fact on my travel days. No nostalgia, pack, taxi, airport, flight… Just – snap fingers – […] Read More

Mornington Peninsula

Kate and I had set a day aside for a trip down the Mornington Peninsula, a long stretch of land on the East side of Port Phillip’s Bay, that is famous for its wineries, and hot springs. We drove off at 10 in the morning, heading south on the new highway, to have a first […] Read More

Up the coast

Final, final, final bookings are being made on this trip. I only have to book a place in Canberra and that! is! it! I decided to leave Melbourne on Saturday 14th, exactly one month after arriving, and take four days to drive up the coast to Sydney. I was tempted to cancel it and stay […] Read More

Fallen off

I fell of my bike, Sir St. James. My fault. I wanted to cross the street, with a whole queue of cars on the other side. I wanted to ride alongside them and then use a space and flip over to the left side of the road. Unfortunately, I got caught in the tram tracks. […] Read More

Wine tasting (finally)

Second day of our wine trip. We started out in Franschhoek, strolling through the galleries where Sven bought some beautiful paintings, painted on old editions of the Cape Times. Then on to our first real wine tasting, at Blaauwklippen Vineyards. We sampled five different wines each, from a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon to a heavy Syrah. […] Read More

Wine tasting (without wine)

As South Africa is famous for its wines, we took off for a two-day trip to the wineries around Cape Town. Sven had sniffed out the best places, of course. Our first stop was the Babylonstoren Farm, one of the oldest ‘Cape Dutch’ farm yard. Cape Dutch is the specific Dutch inspired style of architecture, prominent in […] Read More

Along the Garden Route

After our morning ride on Elephant Sam, we hit the road again and drove another 100 kilometers East, along South Africa’s famous Garden Route. It is a string of coastal towns, starting from Mossel Bay and stretching all the way to Port Elizabeth. The name comes from the green and ecologically diverse vegetation, from African Fijnbos […] Read More