Comida mexicana

It’s not as hard as I feared to be a vegetarian in Mexico. I have found enough to eat, and I can always get a vegetarian version of traditional Mexican food. I always mix up the names; with all the tortillas, tacos, empanadas, sopas, tostadas, flautas or sopes… To me it all seems to be a […] Read More

Lluvia mexicana

October is supposed to be a dry month in Mexico City. With the start of winter, the summer rains subside . This year though, it keeps raining. Several hurricanes have hit the Mexican coast, and while we don’t get them here in the capital, the remaining rain clouds cross the city and let it rain […] Read More

Over eaters

Lisa, Brian, Marisa and I started the day in a cute diner on Mont Royal: Beauty’s Luncheonette, a Montréal institution since 1942. While waiting for our table, we chatted with the host, a 94-old weasel who made sure everyone was seated. He had passed on the torch of cooking to his son long ago, but he’s probably […] Read More

Is it kosher?

I am a vegetarian. Ovo-lacto. So I do eat eggs, drink milk, I love cheese. No fish though. It’s not a plant. I love Mediterranean cuisine… The vegetables, the olive oil, the pasta, the tabbouleh, the meze…. keep ’em coming! And there’s always a falafel place somewhere close-by. And here I love the kosher version of […] Read More

Summertime slowness

I slept in today, while Sue was up for getting a pedicure on Sheinkin Street in a little beauty parlor…. When I got up, I went over to the Dizengoff shopping mall to get tickets for the Rolling Stones who will be playing their first ever gig here on Wednesday. However, the queue was enormous […] Read More

Beach days

My friend Susanne from Brussels has arrived on Thursday. I know her for about ten years, and it’s fun to catch up, and enjoy Tel Aviv together. We first walked around the craft market and the Carmel street market, and got some cherries and a 4-kg-Melon, for the beach. The beach was our main destination […] Read More

Yummy Kadiköy

On the last day in Istanbul I decided to make it over to Kadiköy on the Asian shore. It’s supposed to have a great market on Tuesdays, although I did not make it there in the end. They have moved the market further from the ferry, so I just strolled through the Balik Pazari, the […] Read More

Last day in Japan

I spent the last day in Japan really relaxed. I had toyed with the idea of doing a day trip to Nikko, but scrapped that. Instead, I checked out of my hotel and first had a working breakfast at Starbuck’s, using their fast wifi for some blogging and sorting some stuff… Then I went to […] Read More


Ok, I hereby officially declare this blog a food and temple blog. Now that this is out of the way, here’s the latest culinary discovery: Okonomiyaki. I had already seen them being prepared at the late night hanami in Osaka, but they were all made with meat – I asked. It turns out, they are […] Read More

Osaka night life

I spent a bit time roaming around Osaka at night over the weekend, through the shopping arcades, the restaurants and the bars… Minami is one of the main areas to go out, and is crawling with people. I walked through what felt like the longest shopping arcade in the world, in between countless stores. You can […] Read More

Late night Hanami

I was a bit tired on the first night, and actually just wanted to cross the river to have a look at the castle, in preparation for the visit tomorrow. But then, right on the river bank, I saw a few stands, and people, and then more stands, and many many more people… Another Hanami […] Read More