The boy with the red shoes

Today I took the plane home, to Lake Constance. We have a class reunion, 21 years after High School (we didn’t make it last year…) I was looking forward to it – seeing old friend again… some I see every time I’m back at the Lake, some I haven’t seen in what might well be […] Read More


My sister Sabine’s job involves frequent trips to Brussels, so we always have at least lunch, or, if she can make it, add a weekend to one of her business trips. It was time she got to see my new place… Read More

Baby steps

It has been a couple of days that I am back home. I haven’t found anything like stability so far, but I didn’t expect to find it so soon. Of course the first few days were spent unpacking, then I went to London for the weekend, and had one final day in Brussels before going […] Read More

Istanbul spending

And here are the final figures of my budget in Istanbul. It was much cheaper than expected, even with the hick-up of the cancellation and rental of a new place after the little incident. Truth be told, the visit of my sister also contributed a lot to it, she not only paid a part of […] Read More

On my own again

Last day for Sabine today. We slept and had a nice breakfast at a close-by hotel, then we headed for the airport, skipping the taxi this time but using the tram and metro. She’s heading back to Paris and on to Spain tomorrow, for the second half of her holidays, with her husband and her […] Read More

Introducing Sabine

After another day of rain, I took the tram and metro today to go back to the airport, to wait for my sister. She’ll be here for ten days and we’ll explore the city together. Back home, we decided to stay in for dinner, I whipped up some mac ‘n cheese and a salad. And […] Read More

Blues night

My sister Anke has a bar in a little village in Switzerland, on the other side of Lake Constance, just about half an hour’s drive from my parents. I visited her of course on my quick stop, and also got a special treat: I was finally there for a concert they had on that night. […] Read More