The men in grey

  I am back at work. I usually go very casual. Some proper pants, maybe a jeans, then a shirt and some moderately colorful pullover over it. Banana Republic style. It usually works. Occasionally though I have to go in full fledged uniform. ‘Costume/cravatte’, as we say in French. The sight has become so rare that […] Read More


Traveling around the globe makes you see an innumerable amount of things: sights, museums, exhibitions…. but you also do miss some things that happen at home. I was bummed to realize I would miss the big Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in London in 2013… as well as Matisse in Tate Modern, the London film festival, […] Read More

Harajuku Girls

It took some time to find them. The famous girls and boys from Harajuku. Dressed up to the nines. Every guide book claims that on sunday afternoon, the bridge between Harajuku Station and Yoyogi Park would be crowded with crazed Japanese fashionistas and girls and boys dressed up like Japanese Manga characters. Or caricatures. However, […] Read More