Midsumma burnin’

I timed my trip to Melbourne so that it would coincide with Midsumma, the city’s LGBT month full of events, shows, plays and parties. It was such fun last year, I didn’t want to miss it. The day started overcast and somewhat cool, I nearly wore my long jeans. Thank God I didn’t, as it […] Read More


We left Reno this morning for the final 219 miles back home. As Labor Day was over, the drive was smooth and quick and we arrived at the Bay at around 1 pm. Over at Tim&Tom’s Duboce apartment, we unloaded the U-haul quickly and stashed everything neatly into their garage, waiting for the cleaning on […] Read More

Back to civilization

We got up at 3 something this morning and packed up our tents and loaded the rest of our stuff into the U-haul, and drove off the playa at around 4… All in order to avoid the mass exodus from Burning man that would inevitably clog the playa and the streets to Reno a few […] Read More


I am so glad we stayed to see the temple burn. It was the perfect ending to a crazy week at Burning Man. We dressed up with our remaining clothes and rode out bikes over the playa. Well, I don’t really care to dress up anymore. I just made sure I had glow sticks on […] Read More

Camp down

I woke up this morning, and Black Rock City is already disintegrating, vanishing. The burn of the Man is the highlight for many, and a lot o people leave after the burn. Sometimes right after, sometimes even before, in order to avoid the enormous traffic jam that builds u when several thousand vehicles try to […] Read More


Finally, after the amazing performances of the fire art its (our group was from Portland, OR), they set the Man on fire. Big bang, big fireworks….! And some flames in the right leg and at the base of the left one… I knew about the fireworks, but had not expected them to be so big […] Read More

Pre-burn white-out

We were getting ready early to walk over to the central playa to watch the man burn. We got there early and had front row ‘seats’ – in the dust. Until, well, the dust covered it all up. If I called yesterdays little wind a white-out, I stand corrected. this however, was the real thing. […] Read More


Just when I thought that the playa is really friendly, and not as hard as I thought, it shows its real face. Today the winds picked up, and we had some sort of a weak white-out. It actually fits my mood, I am tired and I need to slow down. I hardly get enough sleep […] Read More

The night is alive

Just a few more pics from tonight. We went to the Speed Bump cars and had a little race against each other.   I also saw an amazing electric art installation, where you could play music, and it would translate it into electrical currents whose noises would create the song…. I’m not sure I can […] Read More

I’m with the freaks

I’m with the freaks. And I mean that in the best possible sense of the word. I like and prefer a freak over a clone any time. Let me explain. There’s so many different people of all walks of life here in Burning man. It’s not only hippies and weirdo’s. It’s not only about Sex […] Read More

Playa dust explained

First dusty day today! So far, my Burn has been pretty good. The weather was outright nice! Only the first two nights were cold, the others were warm, to a point where you could have worn shorts. There was little to no wind, so no huge sand storms, the dreaded white-out, when you can’t see the […] Read More

Meet the Man

Meet the man. The burning man. I only had seen him on the first night, but at that time the Souk had not been opened and we could not actually get up to the Man. Since then, I’d only seen him from far, the one central figure of Burning Man and the pays, the one […] Read More