Eating out & getting drunk

I have no idea to how many restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs I have been in those 18 months… After a few months I started checking in on Foursquare & Swarm, to record it all, but I lack the first three months in South America. Still, Swarm hast recorded nearly 1450 check-ins, and most of those […] Read More

Late dinner

I met up with my friend Federico for beers…. but at one point, you just need some solid food. It’s nearly 11 pm, and in Germany or Belgium, a lot of places would be close to closing time… Of course, not so here in Argentina. We walked over a few blocks into the city and […] Read More

La Vega

Market time! I took a stroll through Santiago’s famous fish market, the Mercado Central, with its fish stands and fish restaurants. The restaurants are a bit touristy, and you can’t walk through without a camarero trying to get you to sit down, but it’s a fun place to visit. After the stint at the Estación Mapocho, I […] Read More

CBD night lane walk

Something that defines Melbourne are its lanes. Those are tiny alleys that cut across the city blocks, often full of dumpsters, sometimes just empty, but some just full of hidden gems like bars, take-aways or art! I met up with my new Polish friend Artur, with whom I share a certain passion for dumplings. After stuffing […] Read More

Mama Mini

Once settled, I hopped right onto a tram and went to the CBD, to find the ShanDong Mama Mini, the new place my friend Colin runs now, a mini version of Melbourne’s fabulous and famous ShanDong Mama’s dumpling restaurant. They really did a fine job! It’s in a small alley in the CBD, crammed with other […] Read More

Aussie budget estimate

After only a few days in Perth I can legitimately say: ouch. I’m spending way too much per day. Even if I don’t consider the phone chips that cost a lot on the first day, the taxi from the airport, as well as the few things I needed for my two-day train trip, I’m way […] Read More

Epic Thali

As a vegetarian, Indian food is one of my favorite, and I had some really great food experiences here in India. The Palak Paneer, the Chana Massala, the different Nan, the curries, the Dal, the Jeera Rice, just to name a few of my favorites…. But the Rajdhani Thali Restaurant in Connaught Circle in Delhi beat it […] Read More

Street Food hunt

I met up with Shashank, a freelance TV producer, who is currently preparing a documentary for a TV team from Singapore, on Mumbai’s street food vendors. I simply went along for the ride, as he figured out a few places and family businesses that would be willing to be interviewed. First stop: Chowpatty Beach, a […] Read More

Arabian Pool Party

Sunday night Daria took me to the farewell party for her friend Cate, an Australian diplomat, whose time in Bangkok is up. Her friend Imane from Morocco organized an amazing party at the pool, with music, amazing food, endless drinks, dance performances and, the top, a smoke machine. I don’t think this party can be topped […] Read More

Bangkok arrival

My flight was easy, and I arrived in the late afternoon at Daria’s place. It turned out to be one of the most impressive and sought after apartment towers in Bangkok, on the renowned Langsuan Road. It’s like entering another world, guards open the door and salute, the entry hall alone is impressive with its […] Read More

Hong Kong Dumpling heaven

I try to post less food pics here, as people have complained 😉 Not really.  But this one has to be: I found the perfect Dumpling places in Hong Hong, and enjoyed some great Ramen. I love dumplings and Dim Sum, but for a vegetarian they are kind of tricky, as you never know what’s […] Read More

More Macau and its markets

My second day pretty much evolved like the first: random wandering through Macau’s old town and sniffing around markets, food stands, museums and other random places I wandered into. I walked south this time, over to the Church of Sao Lazaro, walked into a dragon procession with firecrackers, over to the another food market and […] Read More