My sister Sabine’s job involves frequent trips to Brussels, so we always have at least lunch, or, if she can make it, add a weekend to one of her business trips. It was time she got to see my new place… Read More

Hong Kong mood(s)

Every city has its own rhythm, its own pace and its own moods. And I react to it. Some cities have me active and running around, never asleep. Some have me in a lazy mood, where I don’t seem to get anything ‘done’. As far as I have anything to ‘do’. My mood in Hong […] Read More

Is it kosher?

I am a vegetarian. Ovo-lacto. So I do eat eggs, drink milk, I love cheese. No fish though. It’s not a plant. I love Mediterranean cuisine… The vegetables, the olive oil, the pasta, the tabbouleh, the meze…. keep ’em coming! And there’s always a falafel place somewhere close-by. And here I love the kosher version of […] Read More

Japan budget

Japan is expensive, that’s what you hear. Well, not that much, actually. Twenty years of deflation have left a mark in their price levels. As did the recent depreciation of the Yen against the Euro, losing 40% within a couple of months. If you have visited London, New York or San Francisco, you won’t find […] Read More

Tremendous Tokyo

Here’s my best-of-Japan, a mix of Tokyo and Osaka: Best part/scene/place: It is hard to decide, as Tokyo has so many different scenes, from the Hanami at the Meguro Kanal, to the bars of Shinjuku, to the Harajuku in the Park. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Tokyo. Best drink (alcoholic): Sake. What […] Read More

Last day in Japan

I spent the last day in Japan really relaxed. I had toyed with the idea of doing a day trip to Nikko, but scrapped that. Instead, I checked out of my hotel and first had a working breakfast at Starbuck’s, using their fast wifi for some blogging and sorting some stuff… Then I went to […] Read More

Rainbow week

My last Sunday in Tokyo, but in time for their Rainbow Pride week. I went with Paul and his friends John and Ole, drinking Champagne on the streets, seeing the parade (weirdly interrupted by cars and traffic!) and just strolling through Yoyogi Park along the stands. I am sure I saw some Harajuku boys and […] Read More

Back to Tokyo

I hopped onto the Shinkansen again this morning, speeding back the 894.2 km in around 4h45, which includes the little stop in Osaka. It’s an amazing technology, and such a smooth ride. Time flies. The tracks run through what is I guess the most populated areas of Japan, honestly it seems like one big continuous […] Read More

That day

When I was a kid, I read this book with stories from the children in Hiroshima who survived the explosion, at least long enough to tell their story. Where they were on what they simply called ‘that day’, what they did when they saw that bright light, when they flew through the air, when they […] Read More


Ok, I hereby officially declare this blog a food and temple blog. Now that this is out of the way, here’s the latest culinary discovery: Okonomiyaki. I had already seen them being prepared at the late night hanami in Osaka, but they were all made with meat – I asked. It turns out, they are […] Read More

Miyajima Island

After the sad first day in Hiroshima, I needed something uplifting. A trip to nearby Miyajima Island, best known for its floating torii gate at the entrance to the Itsukushima Shrine. The torii is the traditional Japanese gate usually found at the entrance of a Shinto shrine This one is special though, and it might easily be one of the most […] Read More