You can never do the same thing twice

You can never do the same thing twice. If anything, this is a lesson that I have learned, here in Santiago on the second visit. Not that it’s been bad. On the contrary. It’s been great fun to be back, it’s been familiar, and easy. It has not been the same, rather a smooth continuation of […]

Australian budget (Part II)

And here we go again – the details of my spending in Australia, easily the most expensive country on this trip. As feared, I overspend by far – I think I had one single day where I was under my threshold. And often way way beyond. Somehow though I also did not care that much anymore. […]

Gippsland Lakes

After the endless rain, the sky was showing a small but growing hole with blue skies, so I drove over the 30 minutes to Metung, a tiny fishing village on the Gippsland lakes. I wanted to stay there initially but it was pretty much booked out – in my price class. I walked along the lake […]

500 days

Today I am on the road for 500 days! Those special ‘anniversaries’ are always a good moment to look back at the road traveled so far… Especially on this day, as I am bidding farewell to Melbourne. Usually, I am pretty matter-of-fact on my travel days. No nostalgia, pack, taxi, airport, flight… Just – snap fingers – […]

Melbourne street art

My friend Artur walked me through a number of Melbourne’s lanes in the CBD in the past weeks. Those lanes, often still surrounded by old, low brick buildings, tell about Melbourne’s past, but they are also the spots of its most vibrant life. Small back-alley bars, roof tops, cafés, etc… I’m glad they haven’t (yet) […]

Bohemian Melbourne

More or less by accident I walked into the State Library of Victoria, and into the exhibition Bohemian Melbourne that is currently on display for free. It presented a rich overview of Melbourne’s bohemian life, from it’s early beginnings in the 19th century, especially after the gold rush brought in the money and the dandies, to […]

Mornington Peninsula

Kate and I had set a day aside for a trip down the Mornington Peninsula, a long stretch of land on the East side of Port Phillip’s Bay, that is famous for its wineries, and hot springs. We drove off at 10 in the morning, heading south on the new highway, to have a first […]


Traveling around the globe makes you see an innumerable amount of things: sights, museums, exhibitions…. but you also do miss some things that happen at home. I was bummed to realize I would miss the big Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in London in 2013… as well as Matisse in Tate Modern, the London film festival, […]

Birthday girl

In the end, this trip has less been about the places that I have been to, than about the people I have met there and along the journey. I am amazed how many great people I have met along the way… There are Radio DJs, musicians, cooks, bloggers, casting agents, chefs, managers, Japanese teachers, nurses, […]

Up the coast

Final, final, final bookings are being made on this trip. I only have to book a place in Canberra and that! is! it! I decided to leave Melbourne on Saturday 14th, exactly one month after arriving, and take four days to drive up the coast to Sydney. I was tempted to cancel it and stay […]

Melbourne’s daughters and sons

Last year, Kevin was des-per-ate to find the alleged, mythical statue of Kylie Minogue in Melbourne. Alas, we could not find her at all. We were roaming around South bank – far off course. So I set out to find her this time around, this time with new friends as local guides, exploring the Melbourne […]

Cool Summer

It’s a cool, cool Melbourne summer. Unlike last year when the temperatures hit 44 degrees for a couple of days in a row, this summer is markedly cooler. The first few days here were hot and I was at the pool every day. But we also had a day of rain, and temperatures that warrant […]