Nights out

It’s the weekend, so time to go out… Or first sleep a lot so you can actually match the Argentinian time frame to go out… Friday night I slept into the evening and then, past midnight, walked over to Sitges, a bar that is supposed to be a first stop on your nightly circuit, waiting […] Read More

Ticket panic

I got up at 5.45 in the morning, in time for the pre-sale of Madonna tickets in a couple of European cities. Ticket panic! As usual, the first day of a pre-sale went horribly wrong. Links that were supposed to work at a certain time were not activated yet, and fans were in panic… until […] Read More

My next project

Here is my next project, for when I return to the real world and join the ranks of the working population again: Madonna’s Rebel Heart World Tour. The announcement came a bit early – I had hoped I had more time to save money – and the pre-sale for some shows start tomorrow, so I […] Read More

Classic Melbourne weekend

I started into the long Australia Day Weekend in the most classic Melbourne way, besides swimming my daily 10 laps in the Fitzroy pool. I first saw a beautiful, short Midsumma play called ‘My pet, my love‘ by Rob Gaetano. A beautiful, thoughtful ‘one-man show about fish, forgetting and the fear of dying single‘, or the […] Read More

Songs of 2014

Just as a child, when I recorded my songs on a mix tape, from the radio, I still keep playlists. Now, as the tape is gone, the mix is potentially endless, so I cut then into yearly playlists. Those songs make up a year for me, and I can go back into the songs of […] Read More

The Art of Asking

I first saw Amanda Palmer in 2007 at a concert in Berkeley, playing a couple of songs with her band, the Dresden Dolls, at Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Tour. I was intrigued by this weird, punk-rock-meets-cabaret singer and her songs, and went right into Amoeba Records the next days to find their records. I kept following […] Read More

(My) Rebel Heart

When I was young and Madonna was super popular in the mid-80s, I actually didn’t like her! I might have listened to some of the songs on radio, but I didn’t like the personae, and the hype around her. That changed in 1989 with the Like A Prayer song, album, and video clip. Suddenly she […] Read More

Cape Town Boys vs. West End Girls

Aaaaand…. here we go, Sven has arrived and I have moved into total luxury. A nice 2 bedroom apartment in Tamboerskloof, a fancy Cape Town neighborhood at the foot of the Lion’s Head, including a balcony with a view over town. It’s something I could NEVER afford on my by now dwindling budget.   We first went […] Read More

Voyage Voyage

How on earth, of all songs on the radio, could I have forgotten about this song? It was the summer hit of 1987. For the following carnival I went as Desireless, dressed in black with my hair combed up and yellow. Thank god no photo survived.     * *             […] Read More

Cabaret La Perla

Jimena took me to one of these pars that you will never find by yourself as a tourist… even if mentioned in a guide book, you’ll probably overlook it and not put it on your list. That’s why I love slow traveling and meeting the locals. They bring you to the spots! La Perla is […] Read More

Ballet folklorico de Mexico

Jimena’s sister-in-law is a professional dancer. For many years, she danced in the Ballet folklorico de Mexico, a famous dance troupe that re-enacts folkloristic dances and themes and brings them to the stage of the Bellas Artes Theatre. She has left the troupe now, but her connections still got us some great seats, at an amazing […] Read More