Empanadas y vino

Just a few pictures from this Friday night, with Javo and some new friends. All expats, we realized we had one of each nationality: American, Canadian, Spanish, British, Ecuadorian, Venezuelan, German, and of course, our only Argentinian: Javo. It’s like back home in Brussels, just that there is usually one token Belgian.   We ordered […] Read More

Late dinner

I met up with my friend Federico for beers…. but at one point, you just need some solid food. It’s nearly 11 pm, and in Germany or Belgium, a lot of places would be close to closing time… Of course, not so here in Argentina. We walked over a few blocks into the city and […] Read More

Nights out

It’s the weekend, so time to go out… Or first sleep a lot so you can actually match the Argentinian time frame to go out… Friday night I slept into the evening and then, past midnight, walked over to Sitges, a bar that is supposed to be a first stop on your nightly circuit, waiting […] Read More

Timing issues

The time rhythm here in South America is different. Everything has its own pace and its own hours, and being late is not necessarily late… I noticed this on my first visit, and I have written about the frustrations that sometimes come with this, when German punctuality and commitment meet a different way of life. […] Read More


Return to BsAs. Did I just say you cannot do the same thing twice? Well, maybe it’s true and you can’t. But you can deceive yourself to do so. By renting the exact same place again. It feels eerily familiar. I mean, that’s why I did it. But somehow the effect is that I feel […] Read More


In my life, I’ve only been drunk to the point of being sick twice. Once in college, in Bruges, where I decided Vodka mixed with Gin would be a good idea, and once a few years later where I could’t stomach a mixture of wine, beer and weed. Yesterday was #3. Not too bad, considering I’m […] Read More


Returning to Santiago was a great idea. I really would not have any energy for a new country or city. Here, everything is smooth, even if I stumble. I reactivated my bip!-card for the metro – as If I had known I would come back, I had indadvertedly carried it along for the whole trip. […] Read More

Revival time

After meeting Cate yesterday in Canberra, it was time for another round of revivals. First, I met Angus again, whom I met in Melbourne last year and then on in Sydney. He was so generous to offer me a place to crash for the night, and we went out afterwards… … to meet Glenn, a […] Read More

Birthday girl

In the end, this trip has less been about the places that I have been to, than about the people I have met there and along the journey. I am amazed how many great people I have met along the way… There are Radio DJs, musicians, cooks, bloggers, casting agents, chefs, managers, Japanese teachers, nurses, […] Read More

CBD night lane walk

Something that defines Melbourne are its lanes. Those are tiny alleys that cut across the city blocks, often full of dumpsters, sometimes just empty, but some just full of hidden gems like bars, take-aways or art! I met up with my new Polish friend Artur, with whom I share a certain passion for dumplings. After stuffing […] Read More

Classic Melbourne weekend

I started into the long Australia Day Weekend in the most classic Melbourne way, besides swimming my daily 10 laps in the Fitzroy pool. I first saw a beautiful, short Midsumma play called ‘My pet, my love‘ by Rob Gaetano. A beautiful, thoughtful ‘one-man show about fish, forgetting and the fear of dying single‘, or the […] Read More

Summer in Perth

I feel my stay in Perth will be a lazy one. Very lazy. I met up with Clint the other day and we basically just walked from café to bar to café. It was great to catch up. He moved to Perth from Auckland some six month ago, and just found a new job in […] Read More