Not too much to report here. We slept till late, had coffee, and headed for Sandy Bay beach again. Slept a while, met some friends there, and I got into the cold water again. It gets easier every time you do it. In the evening, dinner with Branden at Beefcake, a local hot spot Burger […] Read More


2014 is over… I guess it was probably the most exciting year of my life, being on the road for mostly all of it and only 3 days at home. How to celebrate that…? We just went to the beach! It was immensely hot, 35 degrees, we were sleepy from a long night out with […] Read More


MCQP is the biggest party in Cape Town. It stands for Mother City Queer Project, and is THE event of the LGBT community. We had no idea what to expect and just bought tickets some weeks ago. In the last moment we learned that it’s actually a costume party. This year’s motto: Royal Navy. Come […] Read More

Connecting Cape Town

Connecting with people in Cape Town has been relatively easy and smooth. Maybe it’s the city, maybe I am also just better at it than in the start of my journey. During the day I had met up with Kurt, a graphic designer who gave me a nice walking tour of Long Street and the […] Read More

Bangkok impressions

The week in Bangkok is already over. To my shame I have to admit I haven’t done much and explored only a few parts of town. In my defense, in 34 degrees and with that humidity, I simply could not be bothered. The pool seemed like such a great alternative. Even late at night I […] Read More


In this case: South of Hollywood Road. Well, every renowned city today is proud to have a Soho district, right? I just floated around on Saturday, not really having any goal or thing to do. I walked up along the stairs that lead up towards Victoria Peak, through the high apartment buildings, little streets filled with […] Read More

Sai Ying Pun

I’m on Hong Kong Island, an area called Sai Ying Pun. It’s a bit west of the center and downtown, but high-risers are everywhere. In my case it is more residential high-risers than office glass towers. But it’s dense nonetheless, after fall they need to fit those seven million onto the island, somehow. Sai Ying Pun seems […] Read More

Cabaret La Perla

Jimena took me to one of these pars that you will never find by yourself as a tourist… even if mentioned in a guide book, you’ll probably overlook it and not put it on your list. That’s why I love slow traveling and meeting the locals. They bring you to the spots! La Perla is […] Read More

Lluvia mexicana

October is supposed to be a dry month in Mexico City. With the start of winter, the summer rains subside . This year though, it keeps raining. Several hurricanes have hit the Mexican coast, and while we don’t get them here in the capital, the remaining rain clouds cross the city and let it rain […] Read More

Into the night

Today I made my first steps into Mexico City’s night life. I spent the day mostly in different cafés and restaurants in Colonia Cuauhtémoc and in Roma, and then met up with Antonio. Antonio is a friend of Ignacio from Santiago (and also of Jimena), another example of the way one connection leads to the other. And, as […] Read More

Coyoacán at night

I went out with Daniel for drinks in Roma, he showed me a couple of interesting places to explore. We ended up in a bar called Licorería Limantour, for some great cocktails. We talked a lot, in Spanish, as much as my limited linguistic skills permitted, then switched back to Inglés. Later on, Daniel took […] Read More

Independencia (without me)

By coincidence, I arrived just in time for the biggest fiesta of the year: 16 September is  the Mexican Independence Day, celebrating the events of 16 September 1810. In the little town of Dolores, the Grito de Dolores (“Cry of Dolores”) marked the beginning of the Independence War. It lasted until 1821, when local Spanish representatives signed […] Read More