Santa Lucia

Lazy day. I spent it in Parque Forestal, in a café and then on the Santa Lucia hill, reading under a palm tree. Santa Lucia is a small hill in the heart of Santiago, a steep climb with a nice view, and a couple of fountains. It is the heart of the city of Santiago. […] Read More

Mellow Delhi

Again, like yesterday, I had no energy for sights… I went to the beautiful Lodi Park a bit South of the center. Surrounded by beautiful and clean tree-lined streets, there were a number of beautiful houses and nice gardens in the area. Obviously a better-off area. The tuk-tuk let me off at one of the gates […] Read More

Indian Middle Class

Mallory left yesterday morning, which left me with two more days in Delhi on my own. On my list a number of sights to see: temples, graves, government buildings, parks, and a street food tour… And in the end, I guess, I won’t really do much of it. I just don’t have the energy for […] Read More

Reclamation Street Market

It was finally time to visit the other part of town: Kowloon, on the mainland. I took the ferry from downtown that brings you over the Victoria Harbour in less than 10 minutes. The views on Hong Kong are fantastic. If it weren’t for the smog over the harbor and all around. It was hard […] Read More

Dolores Olmeda

On my hunt to see, if possible, all Frida Kahlo paintings in Mexico City, I do discover, by default, Diego Rivera, her husband. Their lives were so intertwined, it is impossible to discover one without the other. So far though, I had not had that much interest for Rivera’s work. I had seen a few […] Read More


Lisa, Renato, Dennis and I went south to Coyoacán, to visit the Frida Kahlo museum. But Coyoacán had a lot more to offer. As one of the towns in the greater area of Mexico City, it got swallowed up slowly by the capital, but has retained its tranquility and small town charm, much like Tlalpan. […] Read More

Castillo de Chapultepec

I woke up early in order to meet Jimena. I met here during a dinner at my friend Ignacio’s place in Santiago, back in december. She’s a Portuguese teacher, also learns German, and a traveller like me. We met up at the Auditorio Nacional, and first went for breakfast in the beautiful neighborhood of Polanco. She […] Read More


My cold is getting better, but I have to say I still feel exhausted. It’s maybe also linked to the city’s altitude, with 2250 meters above sea level, it is significantly higher than the port cities I have stayed in the last months… So I start exploring my neighborhood slowly. I have walked through Zona […] Read More

Dancing the night away

Yesterday Vitor and I went on a little art tour, first visiting the ruins of the once famous Sutro baths on Ocean Beach, then on to the Legion of Honor Museum, where the SF MOMA exhibits a number of its Matisse collection, while their building is being extended. It was a small exhibition, with lots of […] Read More

Good-bye Seattle

The past two days I had my usual round of good-bye’s in Seattle, to the city, the places I visited, and the people I met. I am getting nostalgic as usual a few days before, when I try to juggle all possible meetings, maximizing the time and trying to see everyone. It mostly works out, […] Read More

Discovery Park

I decided I needed to get a little bit more active, and not only just hang out in the nearest parks…. as it was already a bit too late to start a bike hinke towards West Seattle, I figured I could go to Discovery Park. Google maps indicated a 45 minute trip along the lake […] Read More

First week in Seattle

The first week is already over in Seattle. I can not report on much to be honest. It’s hot, I’m mostly riding Henry to the park and spend time on the green, with fruit, a salad, and a book. Then I meet some friends, Seattle was really easy to connect to. I’ve been out in […] Read More