Globally online

Being online is vital for the planning and execution of this trip. It’s less about being able to make local phone calls. The essential thing is a strong 3G signal and a good data package. It’s the first thing I try to get in a country, often at the airport. The phone companies have started […] Read More

(Nearly) robbed

Everybody warned me, but I had to defy it and walk home at night…. Most nights when I went out I left my phone at home, had no valuables than the Rand I wanted to spend, and my ID card… So in case that someone would rob me I would give them the cash, and […] Read More


First full day in Cape Town. I managed to get my SIM cards, I got the local public transport card, had breakfast in Manhattan Café (already my hot spot, as I write this I have been there four times!), and went to the supermarket. I love having an apartment again and a kitchen. A place […] Read More

Sur le plateau

The flight to Montréal was smooth and uneventful. I’m really glad it all worked out with my connections in Istanbul. And it was great to see Heike and Toma and their little baby, already grown so much after two months. They hosted me for a short night and even got me from and drove me […] Read More

Freedom of speech

As usual, I wanted to get a mobile phone chip pretty fast after I arrived in Turkey. It’s really invaluable if you don’t have to hunt for a wifi and can quickly check something when roaming around all these streets. It was a pretty funny experience to get those chips in South America, and especially […] Read More