We left relatively on time, at around 19h30, and the flight was more or less smooth. Somehow, again, my veggie order was forgotten – but they had yummy pasta, so I was happy (the veggie pasta is often way better than the vegetarian meal, which often is chickpeas….) and the crew was really great. Anyway, it […] Read More


Finally, on my last day here in Buenos Aires, I managed to do one single thing from my list: I went to MALBA, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires. I’ve been there before, but it’s always a treat. This time they had a great photo exhibition of German-Argentinian photographer Annemarie Heinrich. But the main […] Read More


It’s really hot again in BsAs, after a few days of temperatures in the mid-twenties. How on earth did I fear that it could be cold here during that time, with autumn arriving…? It’s so hot I hardly do anything over midday. Thank God I rented this place with the pool (even though very small), […] Read More

Cerro San Cristóbal

I always pushed it back to ‘tomorrow’, and in the end, I didn’t see it at all: Cerro San Cristóbal, the hill that dominates the city of Santiago. On a good day, you can see much of Santiago lying to its feet, and the Andes Mountain range in the back of the city. On a […] Read More

Into autumn

I woke up to a grey, covered sky, and it had cooled down notably over night. I wanted to go to the Museum of Modern Art, but it is closed till 2nd of March – just in time for me to see it on the last days. I went to what seems to become my […] Read More

Gippsland Lakes

After the endless rain, the sky was showing a small but growing hole with blue skies, so I drove over the 30 minutes to Metung, a tiny fishing village on the Gippsland lakes. I wanted to stay there initially but it was pretty much booked out – in my price class. I walked along the lake […] Read More

500 days

Today I am on the road for 500 days! Those special ‘anniversaries’ are always a good moment to look back at the road traveled so far… Especially on this day, as I am bidding farewell to Melbourne. Usually, I am pretty matter-of-fact on my travel days. No nostalgia, pack, taxi, airport, flight… Just – snap fingers – […] Read More

Cool Summer

It’s a cool, cool Melbourne summer. Unlike last year when the temperatures hit 44 degrees for a couple of days in a row, this summer is markedly cooler. The first few days here were hot and I was at the pool every day. But we also had a day of rain, and temperatures that warrant […] Read More

Summer in Perth

I feel my stay in Perth will be a lazy one. Very lazy. I met up with Clint the other day and we basically just walked from café to bar to café. It was great to catch up. He moved to Perth from Auckland some six month ago, and just found a new job in […] Read More

Holiday, celebration

Everyone who is working might slap me for that comment: but I’m in need of a holiday. Traveling for nearly 15 months now has taken its toll. Sven’s arrival is really perfectly timed. He’s been working like mad in the past months in a new job, had been sick in the past weeks, and is […] Read More

The rainy city

Not talking about Brussels. I mean Chicago. The once Windy City presented itself today in one continuous downpour! I arrived in the early afternoon, took the metro and the bus towards Boystown, where I had my hotel. I had opted against an easy airport hotel and preferred to be in town for the day. I […] Read More

Lluvia mexicana

October is supposed to be a dry month in Mexico City. With the start of winter, the summer rains subside . This year though, it keeps raining. Several hurricanes have hit the Mexican coast, and while we don’t get them here in the capital, the remaining rain clouds cross the city and let it rain […] Read More