Taking on India

I feel like the booking of flights and hotels and stuff never stops. Now I am taking on India.

This is the country I have most respect for, as I do not know what to expect, except many people and in-your-face experiences…

So far, I have secured a hotel for 5 days in Mumbai, in the Southern tip of the city, close to some of the sights and markets, the Gateway of India, the Stock exchange…

I’ll take five days to get into the mood.

Then I have a flight to Varanasi. I will meet my good friend Awen there, a Brazilian-become-Spanish I know from Madrid. He’s traveling through India for three months and I am glad I can join him on parts of his trip.

We stay there for 5 days. Up to then everything is booked. Now I need to decide what to do with the rest of the time.

He is heading up to Khajuraho, a smaller place with the famous temples with all the slightly or overtly sexual carved decorations.

I would like to join him on this part too. From there I could either

  • go to Agra, see the Taj Mahal, and then on to either Delhi or Kolkata.
  • skip the Taj and go to Kolkata directly. I am tempted to do so, simply because it would give me more time there, to explore it, and be less of a vagabond.

I need to decide this somehow quickly, and feel I can;t make up my mind… Any suggestions are welcome.

Bear in mind: I will be traveling for 14 months by then, and I have no energy for a tourist rush to see it all and check off things off a list… I’d rather spend some days to experience the same place than rush through three…