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In October 2013, I left work and went on this journey around the world.

For nearly a year and a half I lived in a different city every month, on all continents.

My goal was not to see everything at once, and I did not travel constantly. I stayed pretty much put in the cities I chose to visit.

My idea was to try to get to know that one city, and make it my temporary home, even if just for one month.

To get to know the grocer around the corner, the waiter in my breakfast place, know the subway system and the bus lines, meet the locals and connect to them.

I circled the world three times in the process and came back to Brussels at the end of March 2015.

I wrote this blog foremost for my friends, family… so they can follow me a bit…but also for me, to try to keep track of what happened on this trip.

It might not always be exciting, or exceptional, but pretty normal stuff. I just wanted to have some kind of chronic of it all, when it’s over.

And I’m glad I stuck to it and did it every day. I like to lose myself in it and browse through it, and remember all the things that happened.

So, what about me?

Well, describing yourself sucks, I think.

If I’d have to tag-cloud myself, here’s what I would put:

Europe; travel; photography; cinema; Madonna; concerts; German; vegetarian; music; reading; walking; city trips; aviation; record stores; gay; cooking; California; wine; friends; San Francisco; maps; astronomy; Star Trek; politics; Mad men; Meryl Streep; books; Almodovar, newspapers; beer; plane spotting; vinyl; book stores; swimming; science fiction…

Did I forget something…?

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