Groceries, transport, culture

And, in a final analysis, here are the figures for all the other things you spend you money on in daily life: (super-) markets, public transport and taxis, culture, my phone and other expenses.

Market 2Depending on how much I cooked, I paid more or less in supermarkets around the globe.

It was one of the smaller posts in my budget.

In total I spent 3330 € in supermarkets, or just over 6 € a day.

Public TransportSecond comes public transport. I had rechargeable public transport cards for most of the cities I lived in, but only in Melbourne I opted for a monthly pass.

Often I walked or – if available – rode a bike, my own or one of the bike rental schemes that the most bike-friendly cities had installed by now.

I did not use too many taxis, only if really necessary at night, when the trams or busses had stopped working.

In total, I spent 3000 € to get around in a city, just about 5,5 € a day.

Culture comes in third. This comprises tickets for museums and exhibitions, concerts, movies…

Bellas ArtesIn total, I spent only 2510 € on culture, or just under 5 € per day.

Even though some tickets were expensive (the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga…) most museums, especially in Latin America or Asia, were so cheap that it was hardly worth noting the expense.

Finally, I spent 3435 € on ‘other’ expenses. Those were all the things I couldn’t clearly attribute to one of the other categories.

haircutIt mostly comprises for example hair cuts, laundry services, medication, a gym membership, a hamam visit, postcards and postage costs (I wrote a lot of postcards), camera equipment, a new umbrella…. you name it.

The cost of staying connected with my phone is also a big chunk of this budget.

SIM cardsI got a local phone chip in every country I stayed in except for Japan.

Mostly the chips were cheap, but the data packages (I mostly got a 1GB data package for my phone) were relatively expensive, when compared to the local price level.

I estimate I spend somewhere between 35-50 € a month on phone and date packages. Not much more than my contract in Belgium, but a big part of this category.

In total I spent another 12275 € on all these items, or 23 € per day, roughly the same amount as for eating and going out.

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