Hong Kong Dumpling heaven

I try to post less food pics here, as people have complained 😉 Not really.  But this one has to be: I found the perfect Dumpling places in Hong Hong, and enjoyed some great Ramen. I love dumplings and Dim Sum, but for a vegetarian they are kind of tricky, as you never know what’s […] Read More

Sur le plateau

The flight to Montréal was smooth and uneventful. I’m really glad it all worked out with my connections in Istanbul. And it was great to see Heike and Toma and their little baby, already grown so much after two months. They hosted me for a short night and even got me from and drove me […] Read More

Hoy me quiero

I might be a vagabond, but I like stability in my vagabond-ery. When I find a place I like, I keep coming back. That’s why I’ve been twice at this little gem of a restaurant, just down the next street: Hoy te quiero has breakfast, lots of sweet stuff, and also serves a changing menu […] Read More

Back to life

After some more rest, some Brazilian medicine in form of a high octane Caipirinha made by Mauricio, followed by a highly camp movie about Liberace at the film festival (Michael Douglas is hilarious!) and a good night’s sleep…. I’m back in business, more or less. Breakfast this time at another new favorite spot (I might have […] Read More