Castillo de Chapultepec

I woke up early in order to meet Jimena. I met here during a dinner at my friend Ignacio’s place in Santiago, back in december. She’s a Portuguese teacher, also learns German, and a traveller like me. We met up at the Auditorio Nacional, and first went for breakfast in the beautiful neighborhood of Polanco. She […] Read More

Osaka Castle

Osaka’s castle is right around the corner, so it was an easy first target. The castle grounds are massive, several huge moats, immense defense walls, a huge garden… and in the middle this gem of a castle. It played a major role in Japanese history, notably in uniting the island, and in the fierce fight […] Read More

Imperially quiet

I paid a visit to the Imperial gardens today, the closest you can get to the Imperial Palace. The park is huge, and it must have been even bigger in ancient times, as several massive walls and moats are today located in the city. You can only visit the Eastern part of the gardens, the […] Read More