Jeu de Balle

One of my favorite spots on a Sunday in Brussels is the Jeu de Balle Square in the Marolles neighborhood. Ducking under the towering Palais de la Justice, in the lower part of town, the Marolles have always been a poorer, worker’s neighborhood, deemed somewhat unruly. It’s precisely for that reason that the Palace of […] Read More

Shitennō-ji flea market

I wanted to go to a flea market. And ended up in a temple. The Shitennō-ji Buddhist temple, the first Buddhist temple in Japan, dating from the 6th century (albeit rebuilt), holds a flea market and produce market on the 21st and 22nd of each month. I love flea markets and it wasn’t far, so off […] Read More

Mercado de las Pulgas

Matías made me a list of the seven things I have to do while in Buenos Aires, including his favorite Brunch places and special sights you would not necessarily find in a guide book. So we’re working on that list, and we went for a Saturday morning brunch in fabuleux Café Le Blé. It reminded me a […] Read More

Feria de San Telmo

I already had a stroll through San Telmo last Sunday with friends, when the flea market was on, but I did not have my camera with me so I decided I needed to come back. I first ran into a festival celebrating Lebanese Independence day, with falafel stands and a music and traditional dance show. […] Read More

Sampa’s markets

My last full day in Brazil was market day for me. I went down to the Centro and into the Mercado Municipal de São Paulo. Well, first, I had to fight my way through. I got off at São Bento Metro, and ran into the masses of São Paulo. Think Oxford street at Christmas, just much, […] Read More