Over a year ago

It’s been over a year ago that I returned from my journey around the world. In fact, I totally forgot the anniversary. Which is a good sign, I guess. The fact that I was just back in Melbourne, half way around the globe again, probably helped, and I forgot it. When I came back in March 2015, […] Read More

The things I have learned

What have you learned….? In Santiago? In Melbourne? in Mexico? All over your trip…? It is one of these questions people will undoubtedly ask at one point when talking about my trip around the world. I can’t really tell (yet) for sure – some things I realised early on, some are evident, some only materialize […] Read More

The Art of Asking

I first saw Amanda Palmer in 2007 at a concert in Berkeley, playing a couple of songs with her band, the Dresden Dolls, at Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Tour. I was intrigued by this weird, punk-rock-meets-cabaret singer and her songs, and went right into Amoeba Records the next days to find their records. I kept following […] Read More

Liebster Award

Slowly, the blog has been gaining readers. I can see the clicks rise, a little here, a little there, then fall again…. But I can definitely see my followers on Twitter increase a lot lately, and it’s not only people who follow me back, but people that seem to discover me, somehow. It is a great […] Read More