Back to SERENA

One of the last bookings for this trip: I booked my place for the last two weeks in Buenos Aires.

I’ll be back at exactly my old place in Recoleta, in Arenales/Callao, my lovely SERENA Apartment with the balcony and roof top pool.

It was perfect last time, with the pool nearby, the main bus lines, some bars, my friend Javo….

This time I did not go through Airbnb but with the company directly, saving some money as they proposed me a very advantageous price, if I pay in US Dollars cash. Argentina! Always after the allmighty Dollar….

Sure, I could have tried a different area this time, Palermo Soho, for example.

Am I trying to re-create the same conditions, to have the same great time again? Maybe I do. Probably.

But I know: you can never do the same thing twice. It’s going to be different, another, new experience.

I’m really looking forward to it.

The last flight is also booked, the only thing I need to organize is my place in Santiago de Chile.